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Premium Car Maintenance May Cost You a Fortune!

May 20, 2020 | Automotive & Transportation

Affordability and value for money can be one of the most fundamental aspects before purchasing a car. However, when it comes to buying a premium or luxury car, one does not fathom such things. The love for automobile among millennials and older generations have grown wider over the years. With the reliving options from the bank, now people can afford premium cars without any stress over budget issues. Many banks are providing car loans to people with less severity in the background check, this has propelled the automobile industry.

That being said, the main problem arises after you get the beast parked in your garage. Luxury cars might be a one-time investment for some, but it can become troublesome for the others. When it comes to these obnoxiously priced supercars, the maintenance can be the trickiest part of all. Buying and maintaining are two separate things, even after so many buying options and plans, maintenance can be a pretty daunting thing at hand.

Engine Maintenance with Frequent Belt Check

One does not always understand the technicalities of automotive, but knowing the bits and parts can save you some money. Engine belt acts as a backbone for the vehicle, and losing the belt can relatively cause major problems to the engine. Owner manuals have a detailed description of the engine, and therefore, reviewing it may help in engine belt problems. But first, let’s elaborate and reflect on vehicle belts and their use.

  • Vehicle belts play an essential role in cooling the engine during overheating, especially if the air conditioning and charging is perpetually running for a long.

  • Serpentine Belts are utilized in turning on air conditioning compressor, water pump, and power steering.

How do I know it’s time for a replacement?

There are various ways to check and inspect whether there is a need for belt replacement or not. Following these guidelines will help

  1. Check if the serpentine belt is loose or not, anything unusual in the condition.

  2. Look for frayed or cracks in the V-belt

  3.  Excessive wear in the belts

  4. Noise can be a sign that the belt has worn out

  5. Burn smell of rubber can be an indicator

  6. Check all components carefully

Be Aware of Car Care

Negligence towards car maintenance means higher costs down the road. It is imperative to have a schedule ready for car check-ups.

  • Engine Misfires: Engine misfire can be temporary, but if it is recurrent, then it can be an expensive fix. An engine misfire can be caused by various components such as vacuum leaks, valve wear, and tear, or just wrong ignition time. It is always recommended to fix the engine misfire on the first go without waiting for it to make several bangs and then head for the service station. Misfires can damage engine parts, including oxygen sensors.

  • Spark Plugs: Incorrect ignition timing can wear the ignition parts, which are quite vulnerable owing to their design to give maximum performance. As these parts corrode or wear, it gives absolutely to ignition the to the spark plug. Hence it is vital to replace them quickly.

Stellar Requirement for Lightweight Axle in Hybrid Cars

The surge in sales of the electric vehicle has prompted the manufacturers to use lightweight axle in the production. Moreover, the demand for heavy and commercial vehicles has simultaneously boosted the automotive axle market, which is projected to reach 51.9 million units by 2026, states Fortune Business Insights.

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