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The Rise of Automotive ECU: Indispensable Automation Worthy of all the Hype

September 03, 2020 | Automotive & Transportation

The first two decades of the 21st century have depicted that automation has advanced dramatically to the extent that a vast majority of our life revolves around the concept. With applications in electronic gadgets to industrial machinery, automated concepts are a subject of attention among tech-enthusiasts across the world. The rise of the automotive industry has created a huge platform for companies in the collaborative tech-automotive space. Among other aspects of automotive, the ‘electronic control unit’ or ECU holds the highest potential for tech companies from a business perspective. With large scale investments flooding in from across the world, the global automotive ECU market will cross the $100 billion mark by 2025.

So What Exactly is ECU?

Although the ECU is summarized as a heart to an engine, its applications are extended over just the central parts and can also involve the peripherals of the automotive. The ECU essentially controls all the operations of the automotive and is usually integrated with an interactive and real-time interface. With applications in fuel efficiency management and sensor-based peripherals, the concept of ECU has become an integral part of automotive. Technological advances have also played a huge part in the rise of the ECU industry over the past decade.

Automotive Electronic Control Unit Market Blog

With the ‘Modern Automotive ECU’ Almost Becoming a Certainty, Manufacturers are Inclined towards Collaborations

As the demand for technologically advanced concepts has considerably risen across the world, the scope for integration of such concepts has also subsequently widened. As the use of automated ECU has become a certainty, automotive manufacturers are looking for long-term collaborations with tech-companies. The demand for small scale as well as heavy duty vehicles has risen considerably over the past few years and these collaborations will prove beneficial for the long run. Rising investments and increasing efforts put in by government authorities as well as private organizations in increasing safety through ECU will provide a platform for these companies.

European Countries Lead the Race for Electric Car-ECU Adoption

A vast majority of the electric car companies have originated in Europe and over the years, extended across the world. Europe has essentially become a manufacturing hub for several large scale companies and it is not surprising at all, considering the state of availability of resource as well as man power. Over the past few years, countries such as Germany and France have regularized the use of electric cars to a considerable extent and evidently, this has completely changed the fortunes for ECU manufacturers that have been operating for longer durations. This has attracted newer companies as well as investors from across the world and the situation persists, the region might trump others in terms of revenue and sales. The nature of production volume and investments are indicative of the immediate returns for ECU businesses in this region.

Electric Cars have Opened up Exciting Future Prospects

The rising concerns surrounding environmental pollution resulting from vehicular emissions have created the need for sustainable alternatives. It has been established now that electric vehicles have helped resolve several issues surrounding excess fuel consumption and exhaustion. The integration of an ECU in electric cars is more on the flexible side than conventional vehicles. With majority of the parts running on electric sources and interfaces, the scope for ECU integration is higher in electric cars. Electric car giants such as Tesla, Tata Motors, and Hyundai have had a massive impact on the global market, with Tesla almost single-handedly changing the face of the industry. With increasing number of start-ups across the world, exciting times are anticipated in the global automotive electric control unit space in the coming years.

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