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A Comprehensive Glimpse into the Chromium Oxide Industry

May 20, 2020 | Chemicals & Materials

Chromium (Cr) is a hard, grey metal that is used in alloys to boost corrosion resistance and increase strength. It was first discovered by Nicolas-Louis Vauquelin, a French chemist in 1797 and was isolated as a metal the following year. The name of the metal is derived from the Greek word ‘chroma’, which means ‘color’ owing to the wide variety of colors that it possesses. Many of them are used as oil paint pigments. It is also a significant alloying agent for spring steels. Along with nickel, it is appropriate for stainless steel.

Chromium can be turned into several crucial oxygen compounds, out of which, chromium oxide is one of the most important oxides. It is also called chromic acid or chromium trioxide and is available in numerous forms, such as pieces, pellets, nano-powder, and powder. Often, it is utilized as a pigment and is known as chrome green or chromia on account of its green color. It possesses several beneficial properties that include resistance to chemicals, abrasion resistance, wear resistance, dispersibility, and heat stability. These properties make it best suited for applications, namely, inks, glass, ceramics, paints, and coatings. Besides, they can be used as a catalyst.

What are the Chances of the Growth of Chromium Oxide Industry?

Chromium oxide is gaining huge demand from various industry verticals, mainly for the construction of commercial and residential buildings. There, it is used as decorative coatings, cement colorant, and other similar purposes. Chrome green is ideal for coloring materials that are used in construction work. According to a published report by Fortune Business Insights, the chromium oxide market is projected to reach USD 703.3 million by 2026, thereby exhibiting a CAGR of 4.6% between 2019 to 2026. However, the market was worth USD 492.4 million in 2018.

Furthermore, the ever-increasing demand for chromium oxide from the steel industry is propelling the growth of the chromium oxide industry. It is attributable to the usage of this chemical compound as a raw material in the production of chromium metal that is further used to manufacture stainless steel. Chromium metal produces a smooth finish and is highly resistant to corrosion. Besides, it is used as a coating on the metal components of motorbikes and cars. Many end-use industries consisting of medical, consumer goods, construction and infrastructure, and automotive & transportation use this compound. These factors would aid in surging demand for chromium oxide shortly.

LANXESS Presents its Vast Range of Iron and Chromium Oxide Pigments at PIC Exhibition

March 2019: LANXESS, a specialty chemicals company, headquartered in Germany, presented its wide range of products and services at the PCI exhibition. The company features an entire range of top-quality iron and chromium oxide pigments. They are sold under the brand names Colortherm and Bayferrox. However, its latest red pigment is called the Bayferrox 500 series. The new red pigment has aided the company is completing its product range for bright yellow and red pigments. LANXESS has adjusted the color of its Bayferrox 500 series on the bases of the independent test results that were conducted by many prominent paint and coating manufacturers.

Elementis Appoints Maroon Group as its Exclusive Distributor of Chromium Oxide Pigments

April 2019: Elementis Chromium, a specialty chemicals company based in the U.K., declared that it has recently signed an agreement with Maroon Group, a leading supplier of specialty chemicals and ingredients, headquartered in Ohio. This agreement will enable Elementis in appointing the latter as an exclusive distributor of the company’s chromium oxide pigments in the Southwest, Midwest, and Eastern U.S. territories. The technical sales and support team of Maroon’s CASE and plastic sector will look after the business. The team will also promote Elementis’ technology and products by leveraging Maroon’s wide consumer network. As per Elementis, this agreement will raise the consumer awareness of its pre-existing range of products as well as reinforce its values of manufacturing premium-quality chrome green pigments.

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