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Food Packaging Industry — Fresh Revelations about Green Packaging for Cleaner and Safer Environment

November 05, 2020 | Chemicals & Materials

Minimalist Tactic 

Inclination towards simplicity has resulted in massive progress for the packaging industry. There has been a steady shift from extravagant styles and mixed-up designs, to basic, simplistic sharp labeling and packaging. Minimalism remains unbeaten because of its plain-speaking and simplistic nature. It assists in high pointing product’s usefulness besides, restricting the overthrowing of exaggerated graphics. This kind of design and style is observable in ketchup bottles, snack bars, along with paper packaging for takeout food at restaurants. The unnecessary colorful designs of packaging not only damages the product outlook but also reduces its demand. For instance, Raw Pressery Juices have minimal packaging, which looks clean and solid.

Customization is Fundamental

Customization has become a core aspect of food packaging in recent times. It is considered one of the leading trends in the industry due to the snowballing effect on personalization. Many surveys and research projects have displayed an enormous yearning for customized products, especially among millennials and Gen Z. The rising production speeds have enabled customized food packaging to reach new heights of realism.

For instance, Coca-Cola announced that it has launched bottles printed with names. The company observed an immense increase in sales with its personalized gift orders at online stores. However, the customization process can be expensive for small manufacturing companies. Hence, small businesses are coming up with ways to make customization affordable by producing bags, packets, marks, along with gift tags to improve brand recognition and attractiveness.

Eco-friendly Packaging for Betterment

Debates about sustainability have been going on for a few years. The cognizance about green packaging among consumers has pushed the requirement for eco-friendly solutions. For instance, more than 80% of consumers are ready to pay an extra amount for green packaging. Hence, this has urged industry giants to discard hazardous plastics and offer eco-friendly, biodegradable, and green packaging. Paper bags are used more than ever now.

Many governmental bodies have made it mandatory to use paper bags instead of plastic bags. Similarly, plastic food trays are being replaced by biodegradable meal trays. Tremendous research in sustainable food packaging has enabled researchers to discover innovative elucidations for the environment. Numerous emerging companies have begun the production of single-use food packaging and cutlery from plant-based materials for augmented sustainability.

Timeless-Inspired Designs

Old-world designs have a very melancholy feel to it. It can be nostalgic for some while evoking exultance in people to remind them of simpler old times. These designs trigger an emotional and sentimental appeal to consumers who’ve witnessed it in their time. Vintage not only attracts old-school people but new-era millennials too, who haven’t had the chance to experience.

Clean Labeling and Content Visibility

Consumers are drawn by clear product information even if the product is newly launched. Recent research revealed that consumers are solely attracted to the content and product information more than the product itself. There has been a surge in consciousness among consumers regarding the nutrition and sustenance of food products. Though food packaging includes all the vital information pertaining to ingredients, it can be extremely hard for consumers to understand the content, if it is food is not visible from outside the packaging.

Many companies have now initiated clear labeling along with transparent packaging to divulge all the contents of the products. For instance, companies such as BOX8, Faasos, and FreshMenu have incorporated transparent packaging in their products. Moreover, Eat.fit undertook a change by implementing a packaging overhaul to indicate the contents of each box. The company has also made a promise about healthy packaged meals daily for its customers. Clean labeling can further facilitate an upliftment of brand identity and back consumers in making an informed decision about products.

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