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Top 10 Companies Who are Pioneers In The Global Industry of Rendered Products By 2021

August 05, 2021 | Food & Beverages

Stakeholders to Make Heavy Investments Backed by Amplified Usage of Rendered Products

Rendering is a procedure where animal leftovers are converted into beneficial and steady by-products such as poultry fat and protein meals. The growing application of rendered products in the animal feed and food industry and escalating worries about ecological sustainability are anticipated to steer the global market. In order to suffice the augmented demand for rendered animal products, leading players are financing intensely in this market.


COVID-19: Closure of Slaughterhouses amid Pandemic have Risen Concerns in Industry

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a global freeze in the industry. There are ongoing lockdowns, scarcity of workers, and raw materials that have disturbed existing manufacturing work. Likewise, monitoring interruptions have impacted the fresh product sanctions. The short-term closure of slaughterhouses across certain nations due to the pandemic has led to declined manufacturing of raw materials essential for the production of rendered livestock goods. Moreover, the rendering industry has confronted risks owing to the reformed eating lifestyles and reduced costs of animal by-products.

According to Fortune Business Insights™, the global market value of rendered products stood at USD 21.89 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 24.64 billion by 2027, displaying a CAGR of 2.3% during the forecast period.


Below is the list of the top 10 companies that are pioneers in the rendering business:

1. JBS S.A.

Top 10 companies who are pioneers for Rendered ProductsThe company is a global frontrunner in the food industry with an extensive variety of product offerings fluctuating from frozen and fresh meat, rendered products such as tallow, blood meal, among others. JBS has a robust global existence and functions in about 15 countries spread across five continents globally. The yearly income for the company recorded in 2019 was valued at USD 37.6 billion. It is headquartered in the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil. In January 2020, JBS SA, Friboi, started a novel unit in Mato Grosso, Brazil with a primary volume to process 500 animals on a day-to-day basis.


2. Tyson Foods Inc.

Top 10 companies who are pioneers for Rendered ProductsTyson Foods Inc. is the second biggest processor and supplier of pork, chicken, and beef worldwide. The company has set-ups in approximately 10 nations and a customer base across five continents and is considerably growing in the overseas market. It also possesses a significant share in the global meat and rendered type of products market and it is strong-minded to bolstering its market share by investing in R&D and joining forces with other vital market players. Tyson capitalized a handsome amount of USD 97 million on R&D in 2019 and has reported a yearly income of USD 42.40 billion in 2019 itself.


3. Darling Ingredients Inc.

Top 10 companies who are pioneers for Rendered ProductsDarling Ingredients Inc. is headquartered in Texas, United States and was founded in 1882, which is more than a century ago. It holds expertise in presenting traditional and tailored constituents and resolutions to its clients from feed, pet food, pharmaceutical, bioenergy, and other industries. The company owns over 200 processing plants across 5 continents and produced a revenue of USD 3.36 billion in 2019.


4. Valley Proteins Inc.

Top 10 companies who are pioneers for Rendered ProductsThe company majors in the production of fats & oils, pet food ingredients, protein meals, and others. It constantly struggles to present rendering services through its divisions in the most ecological and operative method. The third-party accreditations of the company safeguards agreement with all Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) guidelines. In December 2019, the corporation completed the acquisition process of Enterprise Rendering Company, which is situated in Oakboro. Valley Proteins procured the trucks, tools and employed the majority of the staff, although the unit is still possessed by Enterprise Rendering.


5. Sanimax

Top 10 companies who are pioneers for Rendered ProductsSanimax is among the vital producers of rendered products across the North American region. The activities and procedures of the company are in line with a rounded economy and it gathers roughly about 2 million tons of organic leftovers and converts them into significant rendered products such as leathers, tallow, among others annually. Headquarters of this company is situated in Montreal, Canada and has 6 office locations in 2 countries. Moreover, in August 2018, Sanimax agreed to a commercial coalition with Agrosan & Proteicol, an autonomous rendering company based in Colombia, to gain a substantial stake in their shareholding.


6. SARIA Group

Top 10 companies who are pioneers for Rendered ProductsThe widespread product and service collection of the company is situated on the ecological alteration of animal by-products and organic remainders into high-quality raw materials for novel utilization across numerous industries. The company has over 11,000 employees and operates in nearly 26 countries worldwide. In order to extend its global customer base, the firm is centering on boosting its production abilities and therefore is investing heavily on the same. Also, in August 2020, it financed USD 19 million in a group 1 animal by-product processing division to construct its renewable energy and reprocessing location at Widnes, Cheshire.


7. West Coast Reduction Ltd.

Top 10 companies who are pioneers for Rendered ProductsWest Coast Reduction Inc., is western Canada’s biggest liberated rendering establishment which reprocesses around 1 billion pounds of raw material per annum. Carrying advanced functioning sustainability and dipping the food industry’s trail are few of the chief schemes of the corporation. The company has also achieved the BC Food Processors Association's annual Sustainability honor for its management role in Western Canada's food streaming chain in 2016.


8. JG Pears

Top 10 companies who are pioneers for Rendered ProductsJG Pears is one of the foremost food waste and animal by-products recyclers based in the United Kingdom. It retails its extensive variety of goods, comprising feed ingredients, manures, and fuel rating products across numerous countries globally. Additionally, in October 2020, the company declared the procurement of P Waddington, which is the Bradford-situated rendering group that comprises its rendering plant and assembly centers.


9. Leo Group Limited

Top 10 companies who are pioneers for Rendered ProductsLeo Group Limited is headquartered in Halifax, United Kingdom. The company gathers and processes approximately 1.25 million tons of surplus material creating 130,000 tons of protein meal and 70 million liters of refined fats annually. The Company is fixated on novelty and range extension by initiating acquisitions and signing partnerships in numerous countries.


10. The Tonnies Group

Top 10 companies who are pioneers for Rendered ProductsThe company possesses production sites in Germany and other nations along with 25 international workplaces positioned in several countries. It dynamically functions in several stages of the food industry such as slaughtering, butchering, processing, and refining of plants, cattle, and pigs among other livestocks.

The Tonnies Group witnessed a yearly revenue of USD 8.17 billion in 2019. Furthermore, in September 2020, the company announced its strategies to capitalize nearly US$ 91 million on a jumbo unit for pork processing based in Calamocha, Spain. This giant unit will contain a pig slaughterhouse, chopping room, and processing division.


Increasing Consumption of Processed Animal Products Set to Reach Market to New Heights

The increasing usage of rendered products in feed industry and rising worries over environmental sustainability are expected to observe a booming growth in the rendering process and surging number of investors to enter the market. The popular trend of developing innovative by-products from animal residues is further contributing in the development of the market. For instance, bones, blood cells and such remains are used in manufacturing vital antioxidants and astaxanthin for animal feed. Despite the temporary shut down of slaughterhouses during the pandemic, the market is on the verge of gaining stability post COVID-19 damages.

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