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How Top 10 Top Beverage Carton Companies Are Developing Edgy Technologies To Preserve the Quality of Beverages

September 01, 2023 | Packaging

Beverage cartons are a form of packaging that protects drinks and juices, enabling their storage and distribution under various temperatures. These cartons preserve the beverages' flavor, freshness, and nutritional qualities. A beverage carton is produced using 75% of paperboard and 21% of a small aluminum layer and HDPE.

According to Fortune Business Insights™, the global market for beverage cartons could be worth USD 22.44 billion by 2028, recording a CAGR of 4.2% over 2021-2028.

The demand for milk and dairy beverages is rising in the emerging economies of Latin America and Asia Pacific. There are growing investments from companies, such as Elopak, Tetra Pak, and SIG Combibloc, in developing various technologies to meet the demand from beverage manufacturers.

Top Beverage Cartons Companies

Fortune Business Insights™ Presents Top 10 Beverage Cartons Providers Worldwide

1.Tetra Pak

Top Beverage Cartons Companies

Tetra Pak provides customers and suppliers with packaging solutions worldwide. The company focuses on keeping energy and raw materials consumption low during production and distribution, operating in over 160 countries.


April 2022: Tetra Pak partnered with several top beverage-producing companies to introduce its first tethered caps on carton packages. The company launched new tethered cap solutions across Spain, Ireland, Germany, and the Baltics.


2. Elopak

Top Beverage Cartons Companies

Elopak is a carton packaging and filling equipment company. The carton packaging material is renewable, recyclable, and sustainably sourced to provide innovative solutions. The company has customers in over 70 countries and operates in over 42 countries.

May 2022: Elopak launched a more environment-friendly pure pack eSense carton, produced without aluminum layers. This resulted in about 50% lower carbon emission than a standard Pure-Pak aseptic carton.


3. Mondi Group

Top Beverage Cartons Companies

Mondi Group is a sustainable paper and packaging company having 100 production sites in over 30 countries. The company is fully integrated across the value chain, from manufacturing pulp to developing and producing effective industrial and consumer packaging solutions such as beverage cartons.



4. WestRock Company

Top Beverage Cartons Companies

WestRock Company is a global leader in fiber-based and sustainable packaging solutions. WestRock partnered with various customers to deliver sustainable packaging solutions, helping the company to position itself in the market. The company has over 300 facilities globally. 

December 2022: WestRock Company acquired Grupo Gondi for USD 970 million. The acquisition includes six high graphic plants, nine corrugated packaging plants, and four paper mills across Mexico.


5. Stora Enso 

Top Beverage Cartons Companies

Stora Enso provides packaging solutions based on biomass and wood for different industries and applications, supporting its customers in fulfilling their demand for eco-friendly and renewable products. The company develops renewable materials-based products and technologies, providing a low carbon footprint.

For instance, Stora Enso introduced a 100% virgin fiber-based white top kraft liner, focusing on demanding premium segments, including fresh food, e-commerce, and shelf-ready packaging. The kraft liner has three fiber layers to help beverage cartons companies use less material and increase strength.


6. Pactiv Evergreen