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Top Human Resources Technology Companies and Ways for HR Employees to Use this Technology Efficiently, 2023

January 30, 2023 | Information & Technology

Human resource technology refers to software and related gear used to automate the HR function in businesses. Workforce analytics, performance management, talent acquisition and management, payroll and compensation for employees, and benefits administration are all included in human resource technology.

Human resource technology, also known as HR tech, has advanced quickly in recent years as significant employers all over the world have adopted core solutions from specialized HR tech suppliers as well as enterprise software firms such as Oracle and SAP. Many of these organizations are transitioning from existing on-premises systems to cloud platforms, including SaaS to enter the second generation of technology.

Fortune Business Insights states that the global market size for human resource technology was valued at USD 22.90 billion in 2021. The market is projected to grow from USD 23.98 billion in 2022 to USD 39.90 billion by 2029, exhibiting a CAGR of 7.5% during the forecast period.

Top Human Resource Technology Companies

COVID-19 Impacts

HR teams and departments have been pushed to adopt new approaches to respond to employee or workforce demands due to the market dynamics of working models' rapid transformation. Therefore, it is anticipated that the demand for human resource technology solutions, such as workforce management, talent management, recruitment, and payroll administration, will increase after COVID-19.

Below mentioned are the top 10 human resource technology companies ruling in the market.


1. Automatic Data Processing, Inc.

Top Human Resource Technology CompaniesAutomatic Data Processing Inc. is a global provider of HR management software and services. The company offers cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions that provide HR services, payroll, talent, time & attendance, and tax & benefits administration.

In November 2021, Automatic Data Processing, Inc. acquired Integrated Design Inc. software firm that strengthened the capabilities of robust HCM and workforce management solutions. It helps in leveraging industries and tools to simplify complex workforce data problems.


2. Ceridian HCM, Inc.

Top Human Resource Technology CompaniesCeridian HCM, Inc. is a global human capital management software company. Ceridian HCM, Inc. offers Dayforce enterprise HCM software that combines payroll, HR benefits, talent, and workforce management in a single cloud application.

In February 2022, Ceridian HCM, Inc. announced a new cashback program with Dayforce wallet rewards. It is a market-leading pay solution that allows employees to access their earned wages at any time.


3. Cezanne HR Ltd.

Top Human Resource Technology CompaniesCezanne HR Ltd. offers HRIS software that increases communication and connects employees to make better informed decisions faster.

In May 2022, Cezanne HR Ltd. added webhooks for real-time data integration with third-party systems. It offers new features to help users get more value in the HR system.


4. Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc.

Top Human Resource Technology CompaniesCornerstone OnDemand, Inc. offers HR solutions such as EdCast, learning and development, performance management, recruiting and onboarding, and core platform.

It enables data driven decisions, analytics, and reporting to make better informed decisions with predictive analytics and intuitive visualizations.


5. IBM Corporation

Top Human Resource Technology CompaniesIBM Corporation has transformed the HR ecosystem to cloud by creating an agile, data centric, and AI-driven system delivering engaging employee experiences.

IBM Corporation offers various services such as employee data management, payroll & benefits, and contact centers.

In May 2022, EY global network services and IBM expanded their association to help organizations address talent challenges. It drives data-driven AI and hybrid cloud solutions that provide HR, mobility, and payroll transformation services.


6. Infor

Top Human Resource Technology CompaniesInfor offers cloud-based HCM software solutions that empower users to deliver streamlined processes with remarkable experiences.

In June 2022, Infor cloud provider firm launched Lely, a Dutch-owned company that optimized cloud suite environments to deliver growth and environmental impact. These ERP solutions offer improvements in areas, including tracking capabilities, quality, and supply chain management, thereby enhancing its growth and innovation in production of milking robotics.


7. NetSuite, Inc.

Top Human Resource Technology CompaniesNetSuite, Inc. offers Human Resource Management (HRM) solutions that consist of various capabilities that make HR service delivery easier and more efficient.

NetSuite, Inc. offers different tools, such as payroll and financials, by improving data accuracy and creating an engaged workforce experience by making better decisions to align workforce performance with business performance.


8. Oracle Corporation

Top Human Resource Technology CompaniesOracle Corporation offers cloud-based HCM software solutions that provide global HR, talent, and workforce management solutions.

Oracle HCM cloud is aided to reimagine HR operations using an incremental framework that makes hiring faster and easier, clarifies career goals, automates onboarding, and provides more visibility into talent and employee reviews.



Top Human Resource Technology CompaniesSAP SE offers HCM solutions that offer strategic and innovative solutions for core HR and payroll, talent management, time and attendance, employee experience management, and user analytics to address critical workforce transformation needs.


10. Talentsoft

Top Human Resource Technology CompaniesTalentsoft provides cloud-based talent management and learning software. Talentsoft has recently been acquired by Cegid.

Talentsoft offers HCM platforms to promote agile leadership by preparing teams for the future and amplifying the impact of the HRIS.

In April 2021, Cegid acquired Talentsoft amid a flurry of HR tech deals. It expanded its business in the European market.


What can Leaders do to Effectively use HR Tech?

The workplace ecosystem is continuously being disrupted by new technological advancements, and HR directors must be prepared to gracefully adjust to these new shifts. Preparation is necessary to confidently embrace new technology. The following recommendation can assist professionals in making the most of the tech features they utilize on a daily basis in a sink or swim work environment:

• Deepen and refresh knowledge: To get the most out of human resource technology, HR directors need to gain a comprehensive understanding of it.

• Update tech-related rules: As new advancements in HR tech alter how people work, department directors must regularly make changes to policies to ensure that they remain impartial, consistent, and fair.

• Work together with IT: HR is in the spotlight for helping users of this technology while IT maintains the back-end hardware and software linked to hiring, training, and collaborating.

• Foster a sense of community at work: Organizations must be ready to adapt as new technology is introduced on a regular basis.


Increased Adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Drive Market

The recruitment process can be optimized due to the integration of AI and ML algorithms into human resource technology tools. Automation of hiring procedures, such as interview scheduling, interview performance analysis, and basic question responding, is made possible by the integration of artificial intelligence applications such as bots and virtual assistants. The bot uses logic to understand user requests and interact with corporate processes to provide the intended outcomes.

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