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How Top Stand-Up Pouches Manufacturers Have Been Offering Flexible Packaging?

September 01, 2023 | Packaging

The idea of ‘convenience foods’ has gained immense popularity among people across the world as their hectic lifestyle leaves them little to no time for cooking food at home. This factor has positively influenced the demand for stand-up pouches as convenience foods or snacks can be easily stored and transported in these packets.

Stand-up pouches refer to a flexible form of packaging that has a supportive base to help it stand on its own. Using these pouches can save a lot of storage space and keep foods fresh for longer since highly durable and safe materials are used in their production. Some pouches also use puncture-resistant films to protect products from damage during transportation. These advantages are predicted to fuel the growth of the market for stand-up pouches in the coming years.

Fortune Business Insights reveals that the market for stand-up pouches is anticipated to be valued at USD 20.12 billion by 2026, recording a CAGR of 7.73% during the forecast timeframe of 2019-2026.