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How Variegated Products Offered by Top 10 Sterilization Pouches Companies Is Creating Market Growth

September 07, 2023 | Packaging

The incidence of chronic infectious diseases is rising at a worrying rate across the world due to factors such as unhealthy lifestyle, drastic climate changes, and physical inactivity. This scenario has urged manufacturers of sanitation products to introduce solutions such as sterilization pouches to prevent the spread of harmful microbes. Sterilization pouches, as the name suggests, refer to disposable bags that are used in a sterilizer to allow the sterilant to penetrate the items placed in the bag. The products are kept in these pouches until further use to avoid external contamination.

The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 skyrocketed the demand for sterilization solutions as the virus was airborne and highly transmittable. Sterilization pouches were also used during this period to help medical professionals protect their devices from the virus while treating COVID-19 positive patients. These factors are expected to fuel the growth of the market for sterilization pouches in the coming years.

Fortune Business Insights reveals that the market for sterilization pouches is anticipated to be valued at USD 44.61 billion by 2027, recording a CAGR of 5.51% during the forecast period of 2020-2027.

Top Sterilization Pouches Companies

Fortune Business Insights™ Profiles Top 10 Sterilization Pouches Companies

1. Amcor

Top Sterilization Pouches Companies

Amcor plc is one of the top developers of responsible packaging solutions for pharmaceutical, beverage, personal care, medical, food, and packaging industries. The organization operates in 43 countries and has established more than 220 manufacturing facilities across the globe. The company produces lightweight, reusable, and pre-made packaging with the help of recycled materials.

January 2023: Amcor acquired MDK, a leading provider of medical device packaging solutions, to expand its healthcare platform in the Asia Pacific region. MDK’s medical paper-based packaging offerings, coating capabilities, and vast customer base claim to complement Amcor’s current portfolio, strengthening its leading position in the China medical device packaging market.


2. Mondi Group

Top Sterilization Pouches Companies

Mondi Group is a prominent producer of eco-friendly packaging products and one of the leaders in paper business, having 100 manufacturing sites in over 30 countries. The company is fully integrated across the value chain, from managing paper and plastic films, forests, and manufacturing pulp to creating and producing efficient consumer and industrial packaging solutions.

October 2021: Mondi expanded its lineup of sustainable premium food & pet food packaging products by introducing a recyclable retort pouch. The new high-barrier product was claimed to replace complex multi-layer and unrecyclable packaging to sterilize shelf-stable foods.


3. Dynarex Corporation

Top Sterilization Pouches Companies

Dynarex is a one of the global leaders in medical supplies, offering premium and durable medical products and equipment. Dynarex has numerous warehouse locations throughout the U.S. and distributor partners in the country as well as Canada, South America, the Caribbean Islands, Central America, and the Middle East.

March 2022: Dynarex Corporation expanded its durable medical equipment line to accommodate the demand of long-term care marketplaces and home care. Dynarex's wide range of DME offerings encompasses premium solutions for various needs.


4. Bischof+Klein

Top Sterilization Pouches Companies

Bischof+Klein is a prominent full-service supplier of laminate and flexible plastic packaging and technical films. It has a strong network of sales offices across the globe, showing its vast customer base. The company also has five production sites.

July 2022: Bischof+Klein announced the launch of a powflex for powder packaging, a new ventilation system. The single origin PE valve sack can ventilate just like a paper sack during and after filling.


5. Getinge

Top Sterilization Pouches Companies

Getinge is a top medtech company that provides products and solutions for intensive care, sterile reprocessing, operating rooms, cardiovascular procedures, and life sciences. The firm has business operations across 44 nations and sales in over 150 countries.

January 2022: Getinge introduced a new experience center in Wayne, New Jersey. The center is expected to bring improvements in medical technology to help hospitals become more efficient. It will also enhance outcomes for patients suffering from health challenges including COVID-19, cardiovascular disease, and other serious illnesses.



Top Sterilization Pouches Companies

STERIS is a key international provider of products and services that assist in patient care, focusing on infection prevention by offering cutting-edge healthcare, life science, and dental products and solutions. The company has a global presence and operates in over 100 nations.

September 2021: STERIS introduced the next generation of integrated vaporized hydrogen peroxide bio-decontamination systems for customers aiming to achieve a six-log bioburden reduction in GMP pharmaceutical, research environments, and medical devices. The product would facilitate easy & frequent decontamination of rooms, filling lines, isolators, pass-through chambers, and more.


7. Cardinal Health

Top Sterilization Pouches Companies

Cardinal Health is a global distributor and producer of medical and laboratory products and offers data and performance solutions for healthcare facilities. It has operations in more than 30 countries. The company serves nearly 90% of hospitals and over 60,000 pharmacies in the U.S.

July 2021: Cardinal Health launched two innovative solutions - Cardinal Health and Navixrx compliance packaging and e-commerce storefront. These innovations would assist independent pharmacies in meeting the changing consumer expectations and providing convenient and customized on-demand services.


8. Medicom Group

Top Sterilization Pouches Companies

Medicom Group is one of the key global distributors and producers of high-quality single-use and preventive infection control products. The company supplies its products and solutions to the medical, laboratory & research, dental, industrial, and government markets. It also caters to animal health, health & wellness communities, and retail trade requirements. Medicom operates in around 50 countries and has eight fully controlled manufacturing facilities and sales in over 95 countries.

April 2022: AMD Medicom Inc. announced the establishment of Manikheir Canada Inc., a new subsidiary that would be responsible for manufacturing nitrile gloves in London, Ontario. The company's expansion plans materialized through its partnership with the Ontario government, which had committed to purchasing 500 million locally manufactured nitrile medical examination gloves annually for its healthcare system.


9. SPS Medical

Top Sterilization Pouches Companies

SPS MEDICAL is a part of the Sterimed Group and a manufacturer of high-quality sterilization packaging products. It has made major contributions to the evolution of sterilization packaging practices across the globe. The manufacturing site of SPS Medical is located in France and is said to have the largest converting capacity in Europe for medical pouches. It has its presence in more than 50 countries.

March 2021: Sterimed Group acquired Amcor's European hospital packaging business, which included the manufacturing plant in Coulommiers, France and two sales offices in Pergut, Spain and Broemeda, Germany.


10. Crosstex International