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Virtual Fitting Room: Demonstrating a Newfangled Model for Online Shopping

June 28, 2021 | Information & Technology

The virtual fitting room has offered long-term solutions to e-commerce parties. Now customers can buy clothes without fretting about the size and color. Trying-on-clothes-before-buying through VFR has given vantage to people who like to know what suits them best before purchasing a product. Besides, both retail stores and e-commerce may not have an easy return policy. Hence, it is wise to try out your pick at an integrated virtual dressing room prior to the ordering.

E-commerce has transformed the way of online shopping; with vivid images and highly defined videos, one can make a quicker decision at purchasing, unlike those times when you spent hours looking at a piece of jewelry, bewildering whether it will go well with your outfit or not? Now you can dress the avatar with anything of your choice until you feel content with the outcome. Once you have decided then you can proceed to the payment for the items that interest you. However, many e-commerce partners are dubious about the adoption of virtual fitting rooms, considering its potential in the upcoming future. This technology is authentic, and many shops are reaping the benefits of these rooms. Here is how the adoption of VFR can help expand your business to the next level. The global market size for virtual fitting room (VFR) is expected to reach USD 10.00 billion by 2027.


Key Drivers:

Revolutionizing Shopping Experience through Smart Retail Solutions

The rising number of smartphone users across the globe has created remunerative opportunities for the industry. Retailers are implementing smart solutions to enhance the shopping experience of users. The extravagant algorithm facilitates automatic recommendations for customers based on their preferences and requirements.  Prominent companies are participating in collaborations and mergers to enhance customer experience and expand their business. For instance, in May 2017, Metail, a major apparel producer and distributor, announced its merger with Princess Polly, an emerging fashion brand. The collaboration will support the application of advanced technologies, thus allowing shoppers to virtually try clothes online.


Integration of AR and AI for Personalized User Experience

Major brands in the clothing industry are acknowledging the advantages of an immersive dressing room, which encompasses augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI). E-commerce merchants and retailers are adopting artificial learning and deep learning technologies to offer customized user experiences for their customer base. Besides, through VFR, companies are able to minimize additional costs and maximize profits. For example, Warby Parker, an American leader in prescription glasses and sunglasses based in New York City, introduced trail-blazing methods to enhance the shopping experience for its customers. The company released a simulated Try-On technique that allows customers to try on virtual frames through AR. The high-tech system virtually generates frames by leveraging artificial intelligence


Reduced Footfall in Retail Stores will Bring Forth Opportunities for E-commerce during Pandemic

The uncontrollable spread of the virus led to the implementation of stay-at-home policies, which majorly affected the retail clothing industry. The declined footfalls in shopping malls and retail stores due to lockdown at various regions resulted in a massive loss for apparel manufacturers. Many businesses and companies had to shut their apparel stores during the outbreak.  This directed the shift towards online shopping among consumers. Eminent brands like Adidas and Macy have adopted digital dressing rooms on their online platforms as well as in their retail stores.

Furthermore, due to the pandemic, several medium-sized companies have replaced physical changing rooms with virtual fitting rooms to curb the spread of the disease. Companies are also trying to comprehend the buying patterns of consumers to improve their sales. Nonetheless, the megatrend of online shopping because of incomparable discounts and better options for its users will positively influence the virtual fitting room industry in the time of the pandemic.

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