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Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Market: A Study to Comprehensively Assess the Scope & Dynamics for Automated Guided Vehicles in Specific Countries

October 21, 2020 | Machinery & Equipment

Sanctioned by a leading player in the machinery & equipment domain, Fortune Business Insights conducted a comprehensive case study on the automated guided vehicle market. The aim of the study was to collect and analyze regional data and provide the client with country-specific information, which the client would utilize to design strategies to establish presence in these countries. The salient features of the study include:

  • Data gathering through primary sources such as interviews with stakeholders on the supply-side and the demand side;

  • Collection of data from secondary sources such as annual company reports, investor relation reports, company press releases, white papers and research documents published by various organizations on the product or the industry, and paid databases such as Factiva and Bloomberg;    

  • A nuanced understanding of the product and the local, regional and global presence of competitors, along with their dominant strategies;

  • In-depth analysis of the dynamics shaping the market drivers, trends, restraints, and opportunities.

Furthermore, the study has been conducted using a top-down approach and a bottom-up approach. The top-down approach involves detailed analysis of the data published on market share, revenue, and segments. The bottom-up approach deals with estimations derived from new product developments, R&D investments, and merger & acquisitions.  

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Research Objectives & Scope

Analyze and estimate the AGV market globally. Identify the key market dynamics – Market drivers, restraints, trends and opportunities. Analyze and estimate the market of AGV and factors affecting variation in size of the market. Provide extensive profiles of companies that operate in the global AGV market including their growth strategies, technical capabilities, SWOT analysis, key developments Understand the product offerings, geographical presence and strategies of the manufacturers of AGV Analyzing the end-user demands and penetration for AGV and their further expectation from the suppliers related to the product performance requirement. Conduct interviews with key opinion leaders (KOLs) and stakeholders to gather data in relation to the research objectives and validate market numbers estimated through market models Analyse the data gathered through desk and primary research and build report, conclusions and recommendations based on the research objectives

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Research Methodology

A robust model based on AGV value by different end-users. Data was sourced from credible desk research sources such as company annual reports, investor presentations and interviews with key manufacturers and suppliers of AGV.

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Research Outcome

To understand the Automated Guided Vehicle Market in the opportunistic countries across the globe and recommend the best strategies to expand his business geographically. Also wanted to analyze the End-users adoption analysis for the market so to incorporate in their solution offerings”

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