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Internet of Things (IoT) Market: Investigating the Forces Governing the Regional & Competitive Landscape of the IoT Market

October 19, 2020 | Information & Technology

Fortune Business Insights undertook a case study for a major manufacturer and supplier of communications, mining, and metal detection technology to investigate the regional and competitive outlook of the IoT market. More specifically, the study was designed to provide insights into the length and breadth of the Internet of Things market in 18 developing and developed countries around the globe. The highlights of the study include:

  • A clear and comprehensive examination of all possible factors, trends, restraints, and opportunities driving and impacting the market;

  • Data collection from reliable secondary sources such as investor relation documents, annual performance reports, and official press releases;

  • Careful profiling and assessment of the key market players, their current and upcoming offerings, and their overall competition strategy;

  • Extraction of relevant information from varied sources such as World Bank documents and articles related to IoT, white papers published on the product, and verified news reports; and

  • Estimations about the different share of IoT products across industries and domains.

The study provided holistic insights pertaining to the burgeoning space for IoT products and solutions currently being adopted in the sub-domain of concern to the client. Lastly, the quantitative aspect of the study supplied the necessary figures related to the value, size, and share of the market across different regions and industries.    

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Research Objectives & Scope

Analyze and estimate the internet of things (IoT) market in 18 developed and developing countries. Identify the key market dynamics – Market drivers, restraints, trends and opportunities. Provide extensive profiles of companies that operate in the global internet of things (IoT) market including their growth strategies, SWOT analysis, key developments. Detailed mapping of the companies and their categorization into sub-domain

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Research Methodology

A robust model based on IoT installed base/connected devices, adoption of IoT products across the applications, industries, and average price of IoT products. Data was sourced from credible desk research sources such as company annual reports, investor presentations, and interviews with key stakeholders across the IoT ecosystem.

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Research Outcome

The client wanted to understand the IoT market space and key players offering their products and solutions across the sub-domain. In addition, client was interested in knowing the market value of the IoT across the regions and industries.

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