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Identifying the Significant Investment Areas in the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Market

October 19, 2020 | Chemicals & Materials

A reputed personal protective equipment (PPE) supplier ordered a study from Fortune Business Insights to better understand the potential PPE market growth opportunities in various countries. It was initiated by analyzing the demand for PPE in the healthcare industry. To achieve that, numerous product segments, such as respiratory protection/N-95 respirators, hand protection/safety gloves, and eye & face protection protective clothing were divided in terms of sub-products for identifying the key areas. Some of the prominent features of this study are:

  • Collection of relevant quantitative and qualitative data through reliable published sources.

  • Interviews of key stakeholders including sales managers and marketing managers operating in renowned firms.

  • Development of market models, questionnaires, and contact lists.

  • Analysis of market growth rate based on a wide range of factors, namely, trends, drivers, industry challenges, opportunities, historical size, revenues of major companies, restraints, and technological advancements.

  • Insights from end-user respondents and supply side respondents to gather information about the number of products produced and market dynamics, respectively.

  • Data collected from press releases, SEC filings, investor presentation, and annual reports published by Ansell Ltd., 3M, Honeywell International Inc., and others.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, the study also contains data gathered from well-known associations, such as the United Kingdom National Health Service, European Safety Federation, Health and Safety Executive, and European Association of Hospital Pharmacists. Overall, the study helped the client to identify vital investment areas for future business expansion.

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Research Objectives & Scope

The research objectives for Healthcare Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) market included the below data points: Forecasting the industry growth for both sizing parameters Market sizing on volume and revenue parameters Analyzing the Healthcare Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) demand for various product types such as – Eye & Face Protection Protective Clothing, Hand Protection / Safety Gloves, Respiratory Protection / N-95 Respirators, with the objective of identifying expansion opportunities within the industry across niche countries Additionally, identifying key investment potential areas in Southeast Asia region Future growth assessment of the client company keeping in mind the impact of COVID-19 and the DEMAND-SUPPLY scenario

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Research Methodology

The study was initiated by estimating the Healthcare Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) demand in the Healthcare sector for regions within scope of the study. In addition, product segments such as Eye & Face Protection Protective Clothing, Hand Protection / Safety Gloves, Respiratory Protection / N-95 Respirators were further broken down in terms of sub-products and mapped in the form of matrices in order to identify key potential areas, by capabilities.

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Research Outcome

The study aided the client to identify potential growth opportunities within different countries. Moreover, Fortune Business Insights suggested different strategies for business expansion and ensure smooth supply of PPE during pandemic.. The study also addressed several prerequisites for the client to meet in order to penetrate in countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and others. The study also helped the client identify prospective investment areas including manufacturing cost analysis, impact on downstream demand, and supply forecast for future business expansion of the client company.

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