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Automatic Bus Door System Market Size, Share & COVID-19 Impact Analysis, By Bus Type (Shuttle Bus, Articulated Bus, City Bus, and BRT Bus), By Door Type (Folding, Sliding Plug and Inward Gliding), By Operation (Pneumatic and Electric), By Propulsion Type (ICE and Electric) and Regional Forecasts, 2023-2030

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The global automatic bus door system market size was USD 219.8 million in 2022. The market is projected to grow from USD 239.7 million in 2023 to USD 463.7 million by 2030, exhibiting a CAGR of 9.9% during the forecast period.

An automatic bus door is a type of door system installed on buses that open and closes automatically without requiring manual intervention from the driver or passengers. These doors have sensors, motors, and control mechanisms that operate automatically, enhancing passenger convenience and safety during boarding and alighting. The Market is anticipated to grow strongly due to the growing demand for advanced vehicles with high-end safety features. Bus doors play a crucial role in ensuring passenger safety. They help prevent accidents and injuries by offering passengers a controlled, secure entry and exit system. This feature is significant in crowded urban areas or high-traffic environments. Automatic bus doors improve accessibility for all passengers, including those with disabilities or mobility challenges. These doors have features like ramps, expansive openings, and user-friendly controls, making it easier for everyone to board and alight from the bus. The improved safety, coupled with the reduction in traffic congestion, is anticipated to boost market growth in the near future.

Advancements in automation and sensor technologies have significantly improved bus doors' reliability, performance, and functionality. These technological enhancements have made them more appealing to bus manufacturers, operators, and fleet owners, increasing their demand. Many countries ' government regulations and safety standards now mandate using automatic bus doors in public transportation vehicles. Compliance with these regulations has driven the demand for bus doors as bus operators strive to meet the required safety criteria. Increasing demand for safe public transport is a significant factor driving the demand for bus doors.


COVID-19 Pandemic Impacted the Market Negatively Due to Supply Chain Disruptions

The pandemic led to restrictions on public transportation and decreased overall passenger travel. Many cities implemented lockdowns, travel restrictions, and social distancing measures, reducing bus ridership. The reduced demand for public transportation directly affected the automatic bus door system market growth as bus operators postponed or canceled procurement plans. The economic impact of the pandemic has resulted in financial challenges for many bus rapid transit agencies and bus operators. Reduced revenues and increased operational costs put pressure on budgets, leading to delays or cancellations of capital expenditure projects, including investments in new bus doors.

As vaccination rates increase and restrictions are gradually lifted, bus ridership is expected to recover. With the resumption of public transportation services, the demand for bus doors will likely reoccur. Nevertheless, the speed and magnitude of the recovery will rely on various factors, including the pace at which the economy bounces back, the level of public confidence in utilizing public transportation, and the extent of government investments in infrastructure and transportation initiatives.


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Integration of Advance Sensor Technology in Bus Doors is Anticipated to Boost the Market Growth for Automatic Bus Door System

The bus door system has incorporated advanced sensor technologies to enhance safety and efficiency. Proximity sensors, infrared sensors, and vision systems detect obstacles, monitor passenger flow, and optimize the door opening and closing process. Advanced sensors facilitate the precise and efficient operation of bus doors. They enable accurate detection of passengers approaching or departing, allowing for optimized door opening and closing cycles. This improves the efficiency of boarding and alighting processes, reducing stop dwell times and enhancing overall bus rapid transit system performance. Automatic bus door systems are integrated with intelligent transportation systems to enable seamless connectivity and communication between bus or fleet components. This integration allows for better coordination, real-time monitoring, and data analysis, improving operational efficiency and maintenance practices.


Increasing Demand for Bus Due to Increasing Public Transport is Anticipated Boost the Market Growth for Bus Doors

Rapid urbanization and an increase in population in many regions have steadily increased the demand for public transport, including buses. Growing cities and urban areas require efficient and sustainable transportation solutions to move many people. As a result, there is a higher demand for buses, leading to an increased need for bus door systems. Traffic congestion and environmental pollution are significant challenges in urban areas. Many cities prioritize expanding and improving public transportation networks to reduce private vehicle usage and alleviate congestion.

Buses are crucial in providing efficient and environmentally friendly mass transit options, driving the demand for buses and related components, including bus doors. Governments worldwide promote and invest in public transportation infrastructure to address mobility challenges and achieve sustainable development goals. These initiatives include expanding bus fleets, improving existing public transport systems, and implementing smart city transportation solutions. As a result, the demand for buses, including automatic doors for buses, is increasing to meet these requirements.


Maintenance and Reliability Issues May Restrain the Market Growth

Automatic doors involve complex mechanisms and electronic components that require frequent maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Bus operators must have skilled technicians and spare parts available for timely repairs and replacements. Reliability is crucial to maintain service continuity, and any system malfunctions or breakdowns can impact operational efficiency and passenger satisfaction. These door systems have various mechanical and electronic components, such as motors, sensors, control units, and wiring. Any malfunction in these components can result in door operation issues, such as doors not opening or closing correctly, false detections, or sudden stops. Identifying and rectifying these malfunctions require skilled technicians and timely troubleshooting.

Maintenance and reliability issues can influence the door system perception among bus operators and transit authorities. If concerns about system reliability and maintenance requirements persist, it may create hesitation or resistance towards adopting or expanding the bus door system. This can hinder market growth and slow down the adoption rate of automatic bus door system.


By Bus Type Analysis

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City Bus Segment Dominates the Market Owing to the Growing Demand for Smart Road Transit in Cities

Based on bus type, the market is segmented into shuttle, articulated, city, and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) buses.

The city bus segment is expected to dominate the market throughout the forecast period. Cities are experiencing rapid urbanization, leading to increased population density. As cities become more crowded, the demand for efficient and sustainable public transportation options, including buses, grows. City buses provide a convenient and cost-effective mode of transportation for residents and commuters. Countries like China and India face significant congestion and air pollution challenges. City buses solve these problems by reducing the number of private vehicles on the road. As governments and city planners prioritize sustainable transportation solutions, the demand for city buses rises.

The growth of articulated bus segment is also anticipated to grow at a significant growth rate. Articulated buses are known for their larger passenger capacity compared to standard buses. These buses can accommodate more passengers, making them suitable for high-demand routes in densely populated areas or during peak hours. With increased passenger capacity, there is a corresponding need for efficient and reliable bus doors to ensure smooth boarding and alighting processes. The demand for articulated buses, which are longer buses with flexible joints in the middle, can impact the demand for bus doors, including automatic bus door systems.

By Door Type Analysis

Growing Demand for New Electric Bus is Boosting the Demand for Folding Doors

Based on door type, the market is divided into folding, sliding plug, and inward gliding.

The folding door segment dominated the market in 2022. Folding doors open inward and folding to the side can help optimize space within the bus. This allows for efficient passenger flow and maximizes the available interior space. Adopting folding doors on electric buses can drive the demand for automatic bus door systems, encouraging bus manufacturers, operators, and suppliers to invest in and further develop these technologies. The market growth potential is further enhanced as more cities and governments prioritize electric buses as part of their sustainable transportation initiatives.

The market is projected to be dominated by sliding plug doors during the forecast period, primarily due to their superior sealing capacity and minimal obstruction. The larger opening of these doors enables passengers to enter and exit buses smoothly without encountering any obstacles. Sliding doors are designed for low-floor buses and are expected to prove beneficial in BRT buses. The door can be operated on hydraulic and pneumatic door pumps. Sliding doors have the best airtightness and are helpful in the winter and rainy seasons.

By Operation Analysis

Pneumatic Doors Dominated the Market in 2022 Due to Their Low Price and Maintenance Cost Compared to Electric Doors

Based on operation, the market is divided into pneumatic and electric.

The pneumatic segment dominated the market in 2022. The pneumatic segment is expected to grow considerably amid less cost and highly durable linkages during the forecast period. Pneumatic bus doors contribute to faster boarding and alighting, improving bus flow and reducing dwell times at stops. The increasing demand for bus components is anticipated to boost the growth of the pneumatic segment.

The electric segment is expected to grow at a significant growth rate during the forecast period. Electric door are compact in shape and noiseless in nature compared to pneumatic door. They are easy to install and have less maintenance owing to fewer mechanical linkages. Electric door have advanced features such as obstruction sensing technology compared to pneumatic.

By Propulsion Type Analysis

Electric Bus Segment to Grow at the Faster Rate Owing to the Stringent Emission Regulations

Based on propulsion type, the market is divided into ICE and electric.

The ICE segment held the leading market share in 2022 due to high production and on-road fleet of the conventional fuel buses. Many public transportation agencies and private bus operators periodically renew and expand their fleets to replace older vehicles and accommodate increasing passenger demand. This drives the demand for new buses equipped with doors, contributing to the growth of the ICE segment market.

The electric bus market is expected to show rapid growth during the forecast period. According to the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) report, urban buses account for one of the significant shares of air pollution. To develop fast and low-emission transportation, UNEP offers technical support in 20 cities in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Such government initiatives are expected to boost the demand for electric buses during the forecast period.


Asia Pacific Automatic Bus Door System Market Size, 2022 (USD Million)

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Asia Pacific Holds the Highest Market Share Owing to the Increasing Awareness Regarding Road Safety Among Vehicle Buyers

Asia Pacific region dominated the automatic bus door system market share in 2022. Asia Pacific is undergoing rapid urbanization, with many cities and towns expanding their transportation networks. This has propelled the demand for public transportation systems, including buses equipped with automatic doors. As the countries in the Asia Pacific region continue to develop, there is a rise in disposable income among the population. This has resulted in increased mobility and a higher demand for comfortable and convenient modes of transportation, such as buses with automatic doors. The increasing demand for public transport is a significant factor fueling the market growth in the region.

Europe is anticipated to be the second-largest dominating region in this market during the forecast period. The government's imposition of strict emission norms in this area is expected to ensure its continued market dominance. For example, in June 2020, the Natural and Bio Gas Vehicle Association (NGVA) in Europe proposed to develop a Euro 7 Emission standard for trucks, buses, and cars. This is anticipated to enhance the air quality in Europe, especially in developed cities, which will benefit human health.

The market is expected to experience significant growth in North America and the Rest of the World, primarily driven by the increasing adoption of low-emission vehicles and the development of connected infrastructure. The rising demand for environmentally friendly transportation options and the integration of advanced technologies in buses contribute to the growing popularity of automatic bus door systems in the regions.


Ventura Systems CV is Anticipated to be the Dominant Player Amid its Multiple Partnerships and Investments Globally

Key players in the global market for automatic bus door system include Vapor Ricon Europe, Ventura Systems CV, and AB Volvo. Ventura Systems is a company that specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of automatic door systems for buses and trains. With headquarters in the Netherlands, Ventura Systems has established itself as a global leader in the transportation industry. The company focuses on providing innovative, high-quality door solutions that enhance passenger safety, comfort, and efficiency.


  • Vapor Ricon Europe  (U.K.)

  • Ventura Systems CV (Netherlands)


  • AB Volvo (Sweden)

  • Elektra (India)

  • Nanchang Yunhuaqi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (China)

  • Circle Bus Door Systems Co. Ltd (China)

  • Transport Door Solutions  (U.K.)

  • kbt gmbh (Germany)

  • SAS Doors Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)

  • MASATS S.A. (Spain)

  • Schaltbau Holding AG  (Germany)


  • In June 2023, By the end of 2023, Oslo's public transportation system is set to achieve almost complete emission reduction. Buses, subways, trams, and boats will be powered by electricity, contributing to a greener transport network. To support this transition, 361 new electric buses from various manufacturers will be integrated into Oslo's zero-emission fleet. While each bus may have distinct features, they will all share a common element: the utilization of Ventura door systems.

  • In November 2022, Volvo Buses Singapore, a Volvo Group division and a renowned sustainable people transport solutions provider, partnered with SC Auto Industries, a local bus manufacturer, to introduce the Volvo BZL-SC Neustar City electric bus. This groundbreaking launch marks the debut of Singapore's first fully electric, 3-door step-less bus designed, engineered, and manufactured within the country.

  • In August 2022, Switch Mobility, the electric vehicle division of Hinduja group's flagship Ashok Leyland, unveiled India’s first and unique electric double-decker air-conditioned bus - Switch EiV 22, which has an automatic door system. 

  • In February 2022, SGESCO-MAX will offer reliable safety solutions that comply with the new door safety system requirements for New South Wales (NSW) buses. Starting from January 2023, these regulations apply to buses licensed to transport more than 12 passengers, registered for the first time after 1 January 2023, and equipped with driver-controlled passenger doors.

  • In March 2021, Masats introduced its latest innovation, the Inward Sliding Door 029i, featuring state-of-the-art vehicle entrance technology to ensure an unparalleled travel experience with enhanced safety and accessibility. This all-new Sliding/Swing Door 029i combines sliding doors' smooth and swift operation with the practicality of inward opening doors, providing passengers with a seamless and secure door solution.


An Infographic Representation of Autonomous Bus Door System Market

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The market report provides detailed market analysis and focuses on key aspects such as leading companies, services, and product applications. Besides this, the report offers insights into the market trends and highlights vital industry developments. In addition to the factors above, the report encompasses several factors that have contributed to the market's growth over recent years.




Study Period


Base Year


Estimated Year


Forecast Period


Historical Period


Growth Rate

CAGR of 9.9% from 2023 to 2030


Value (USD Million) and Volume (Units)


By Bus Type

  • Shuttle Bus

  • Articulated Bus

  • City Bus

  • BRT Bus

By Door Type

  • Folding

  • Sliding Plug

  • Inward Gliding

By Operation

  • Pneumatic

  • Electric

By Propulsion Type

  • ICE

  • Electric

By Geography

  • North America ( By Bus Type, By Door Type, By Operation, By Propulsion Type)

    • U.S. ( By Bus Type )

    • Canada ( By Bus Type )

    • Mexico ( By Bus Type )

  • Europe ( By Bus Type, By Door Type, By Operation, By Propulsion  Type)

    • U.K. ( By Bus Type )

    • Germany ( By Bus Type )

    • France ( By Bus Type )

    • Rest of Europe ( By Bus Type )

  • Asia Pacific (  By Bus Type, By Door Type, By Operation, By Propulsion  Type)

    • China ( By Bus Type )

    • India ( By Bus Type )

    • Japan ( By Bus Type )

    • South Korea ( By Bus Type )

    • Rest of Asia Pacific ( By Bus Type )

  • Rest of World (  By Bus Type, By Door Type, By Operation, By Propulsion  Type)

Frequently Asked Questions

The global market report says that the market was valued at USD 219.8 Million in 2022 and is projected to reach USD 463.7 Million in 2030.

The market is predictable to register a growth rate of (CAGR) 9.9% during the forecast period.

Growing awareness regarding passenger safety is expected to drive market growth.

Asia Pacific region led the market in 2022.

The city bus segment is expected to lead the market.

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