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10 Leading and Most Promising Cold Chain Packaging Companies in the World

May 28, 2021 | Chemicals & Materials

Cold chain packaging is a type of system that involves packaging and shipping of products that require a specific temperature to maintain their efficiency. Apart from maintaining the optimum temperature for the products, cold chain solutions involve overall protection from jostling, bumps, bad weather, rough handling, and other unpredictable factors during transit. According to Fortune Business Insights, the global market size for cold chain packaging is expected to reach USD 39.45 billion by 2027.

It is important to choose the right cold chain packaging company that enables efficient temperature-controlled shipping of materials and reduces drastic operational costs. Fortune Business Insights offers a list of top 10 companies operating in this industry. They are as follows:


1. Cold Chain Technologies

Founded in 1967, Cold Chain Technologies has stamped its authority as an industry leader to provide effective thermal packaging solutions. The U.S.-based company operates across several regions, along with a global presence. It provides single-use and reusable passive thermal packaging solutions and adopts a proactive strategy to expand its presence through partnerships and collaborations.

  • January 2021 - The company announced the launch of COVID-19 Storage Solutions to ensure proper temperature control in the safe storage and transport of the essential vaccines.


2. Pelican BioThermal LLC

Second, in our list, Pelican BioThermal LLC provides a wide range of thermal-protected and temperature-controlled packaging and service solutions. The company operates in regions such as Europe, North America, and Asia. In December 2020, it launched School of Cool for distributors and customers to build temperature-controlled packaging technology proficiency.


3. Sonoco Thermosafe

The company is positioned third in the global market. One of the leaders in temperature assurance packaging solutions, Sonoco Thermosafe, provides effective solutions for several industrial applications such as medical, food processing, pharmaceutical, and biotech. The company has over 335+ cold chain processing plants in 33 countries and provides its services across 85 nations. In September 2016, the company acquired PharmaPort 360 licenses, assets, manufacturing rights, and trademarks from AAR, marking its foray into the active temperature-controlled cargo containers market.


4. Softbox Systems

Placed at number four in our list, Softbox is a pioneer of advanced cold chain technology solutions and is preferred by established pharmaceutical companies and leading logistics providers. The company incorporates the latest technology and materials to provide a comprehensive cold chain solution to its customers to maintain its efficacy. In October 2020, Softbox announced the launch of an eco-friendly packaging solution, Tempcell ECO, in the U.S. that is likely to benefit the cold chain pharmaceutical industry.


5. Sealed Air Corporation

Sealed Air Corporation holds the fifth position in the global market of cold chain packaging. The company provides efficient solutions to solve critical packaging challenges with its sustainable business approach. Moreover, the company actively focuses on implying solutions that are secure and reduce the impact on the environment. With over 16,500 employees across 115 countries, the company generated a revenue worth USD 4.9 billion in 2020.  

  • August 2020 – Sealed Air Corporation collaborated with Plastic Energy, an advanced recycling technology company. The collaboration is aimed at developing advanced new technology that eliminates waste and ensures a reduced toxic environment.


6. Sofrigam

The U.S.-based company, Sofrigam, holds the sixth position in the market and has its presence across North America, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Europe. It is one of the leading companies that provides refrigerated and insulated packaging solutions for the largest biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Their dynamic strategies focus on ensuring stable temperatures during logistics and transport of essential temperature-controlled products while reducing environmental impact. In February 2021, Sofrigam announced its partnership with Logmore to create smart temperature-controlled packaging that prevents spoiling of the COVID-19 vaccines.


7. Intelsius

The seventh-placed Intelsius is one of the leading designers, distributors, and manufacturers of temperature-controlled packaging solutions. Incorporated in 1998, the U.K-based company aims to provide temperature-controlled and regulatory compliant services and solutions. In October 2016, the company collaborated with Cosmo Bio, a distributor in Japan. This strategic partnership aimed to expand Intelsius’s presence in Asia Pacific and strengthen its position in the pharmaceutical industry.


8. Nordic Cold Chain Solutions

One of the global suppliers of cold chain packaging solutions, Nordic Cold Chain Solutions holds the eighth position in the market. Started in 2004, the company, over the years, has consolidated its position as a provider of custom climate-controlled packaging solutions to cater to the growing consumer needs. In November 2020, the company developed a new line of Pre-Tested Frozen Shippers designed to enable proper distribution and storage of vaccines, including the COVID-19 vaccine.


9. Tempack

Holding the ninth position, Tempack, the Barcelona, Spain-based company, provides advanced insulated packaging solutions that involve the transportation of biological samples. The company has its presence in the e-commerce, pharmaceutical, and biomedical sector and develops total customized solutions for heat-sensitive cold packaging products to cater to consumer demand. In 2017, Tempack was acquired by Softbox Systems to expand Softbox Systems’ client base and presence in Latin America and Europe.


10. Cryopak

Cryopak, a subsidiary of Integreon Global, holds the tenth position in the global market and operates along with its sister companies through several locations across Canada, France, and the United States. Cryopak is one of the leading manufacturers of products catering to its client’s temperature-sensitive shipping needs. Additionally, the company offers advanced packaging design and testing solutions in their ISTA-certified packaging testing lab. In April 2020, the company introduced Solversa, an innovative sustainable packaging product line that aims to reduce the impact on the environment. The new line is suitable for pharmaceutical applications and food & beverage delivery.


COVID-19 Pandemic: A Boon for Cold Chain Packaging Manufacturers

In November 2020, Snowman Logistics Ltd., a leading cold chain logistics company with 31 cold storages located in 15 Indian cities, announced its plan to boost its industrial capacity to 33 cold storages across 17 cities over the next three months. Like Snowman, other companies are also rallying around to ramp up their cold chain packaging infrastructures worldwide. What compels these companies to adopt these expansion strategies? Well, the only answer is COVID-19!

Yes, the healthcare industry that is working round-the-clock to manufacture vaccines to be administered to the general population has propelled the companies to upgrade their cold chain capacities and train people to handle the vaccines that are temperature sensitive. For instance, several coronavirus vaccines under development require storage at temperatures between 2-8 °C. Additionally, Pfizer’s promising messenger RNA vaccine requires storage at a temperature ranging from -70°C or lower. 

Certainly, COVID-19 is not the only pandemic that will affect humans, and in the future, more pandemics are to hit hard. However, the novel coronavirus has led companies to prepare better for the future. The cold chain packaging solution companies are expected to play a pivotal role in maintaining the efficacy of vaccines worldwide.

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-Shridhar Patil

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