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Advanced Wound Care Market 2019 - Advent of Smarter Wound Care Products creates Growth Opportunities in Advanced Wound Care Market

April 18, 2019 | Healthcare

As per the Wound Care Awareness Campaign by Healogics,’ an estimated people in the U.S were affected by chronic wounds in 2017. These numbers are likely to increase in the next coming years on account of rising incidence of chronic diseases. If chronic wounds are left untreated, these may lead to amputation of the affected area and consequently lower the quality of a patient’s life. Therefore, scientists are developing smarter and advanced wound care products to heal wounds on time and prevent infections.

Recent Breakthroughs in the Wound Healing Technology Propels Growth

Researchers across the world are working on innovative and smart technologies to treat chronic wounds of patients. These advanced technologies are expected to shape the wound healing market for better in the forthcoming years. According to Fortune Business Insights, the Global Advanced Wound Care Market is projected to exhibit a CAGR of 4.8% between 2018 and 2025. At this pace, it is expected to reach US$13,450.0 Mn by 2025, as against US$9,273.3 Mn valued in 2017.

Researchers in some regions are engaging in new product launches and technologies to device advanced wound care techniques.  For instance, researchers at the University of Bolton invented a high technology form of dressing called crab shell bandages in 2016. These bandages heal chronic wounds much quicker than normal ones. The bandage is made from a mineral called chitosan, found in most of the crustacean shells. Chitosan is a composite fiber and contains alginate hydrogel used for neural tissue engineering. Crab shell bandages not only helps in healing wounds faster but kills bacteria as it contains antimicrobial agents.  

A few Australian researchers introduced a novel fast-acting vacuum plaster called Nanova. It is a lightweight and small plaster, which helps to remove dead tissues and debris from the wound. In addition to this, it is connected with a vacuum pump which helps to create pressure and encourages better blood flow, thus healing the wound faster. Another wound care management treatment is keratin-based wound management. Keratins help in maintaining the biological and structural component of the hard as well as soft tissues. They further help in developing skin tissues and healing the skin wound post injury. Countries such as New Zealand and Australia have already adopted keratin-based products.

The shift from Convention to Innovation Can Hugely Impact the Advanced Wound Care Industry

Innovations, especially in the wound care dressing technology are expected to positively impact the advanced wound care market. As per Fortune Business Insights, the advanced wound care market has a fragmented vendor landscape and will remain so through the forecast period. Companies such as Smith & Nephew, KCI Licensing Inc., and ConvaTec, Inc. are developing an innovative and strong product portfolio for wound care dressings to stay ahead of the competition.

For instance, Axis Biosolutions launched a next generation wound care dressing called MzxioCel in 2019. It is expected to offer faster and effective healing to patients suffering from diabetic foot ulcers, cavity wounds, pressure ulcers, and post-surgical wounds. It is an essential tool which helps to stop bleeding after trauma. Another company called Organogenesis Inc. launched PuraPly which is a new anti-biofilm wound matrix. This wound dressing uses collagen and anti-bacteria to prevent infection on the wounds.  All the strategies mentioned above are likely to create lucrative growth opportunities for the advanced wound care market. These innovative and smarter wound care products will help patients suffering from chronic wounds, to heal faster and improve their quality of life.


Author - Deepu Bhatt

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