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Dialyzers: An Overview of Ongoing Trends and Latest Products

March 05, 2020 | Healthcare

Dialyzers are often referred to as ‘artificial kidneys’ and their function is the same as that of an original kidney. It is used in the wastes and excess fluids from the human body. To put it in simpler terms, a dialyzer can replace a failed kidney and perform the same tasks a kidney can. Dialyzers are used in major dialysis process, including peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis. Although these processes do not entirely function as an alternative to the kidney, they certainly perform the necessary functions. The use of dialyzers does come with some shortfalls; their importance cannot be overlooked. A person with dialyzers needs to take regular medications that are either prescribed by the doctor or other consulting personnel. As these products have emerged as the solution for chronic kidney failures, Fortune Business Insights summarizes the latest trends as well as a few types of dialyzers that have graced the global market in recent years.

Dialyzer Market

Flux Dialyzers:

The construction parameters of a dialyzer, although not complex, come with certain restrictions. As the use of dialyzers requires human contact, there are a few constraints that manufacturers need to abide by. The ‘flux’ refers to the permeability of the membrane within the dialyzer, through which the excess accumulated waste and toxins pass. Although all dialyzers can be categorized as flux dialyzers, these products are primarily categorized on the basis of flux into high and low types.

  • Low Flux Dialyzers:

These types of dialyzers are normally preferred in the treatment where a lower rate of fluid removal is required. The low flux type caters to treatment wherein a smaller surface area is available. They help achieve the same efficiency and possess similar capabilities as a full-fledged dialyzer. Companies such as Nikkison and Asahi are leading manufacturers of low flux dialyzers. They boast an attractive portfolio of low flux dialyzers and have a bagful of distribution experience.

  • High Flux Dialyzers

The high flux dialyzers have witnessed a massive demand in recent years. Their role in dialysis procedures has been noteworthy. High flux dialyzers are termed as ‘leakier’ dialyzers as they allow medium-sized particles to pass through. In addition to this, they block the undesired protein removal from the human body. The high flux dialyzers certainly have more benefits than the low flux types. Globally renowned companies such as Frenesius Medical, B. Braun, and Toray Medical have already produced dialyzers of extensive with exceptional capabilities.

Noteworthy: B. Braun’s Latest Dialyzer Gets Commercialization Nod

The dialyzers market is flooded with innovative products. Major companies are focused on introducing newer equipment. Existing companies are looking to upgrade their existing products. Among the long list of companies in this industry, B. Brain has established itself as one of the elite companies, with an excellent range of dialyzers for several procedures. The company bagged approval from the US Food and Drug Administration for the commercialization of its latest dialyzer, Diacap Pro. The company’s established customer reach speaks volumes, and major advances by the company have a direct impact on a global scale.

We Can Expect More Innovations!

Technology penetration in the healthcare sector has yielded several product innovations. These innovations have not only bode well for individual companies but have helped simplify complex surgical procedures. Existing dialyzers have already played a major part in the development of dialysis procedures. Accounting to this, companies have made huge investments towards the development of existing products. The manner at which the healthcare industry is progressing, we can expect further innovations in the coming years.

Author’s Bio:

Tanay Bhalla is a part of the very talented content team at Fortune Business Insights. He is a highly-driven writer with extensive experience in market research. Tanay specializes in blogs, articles and press releases. His approach to writing is simple, intended to ensure a seamless read.

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