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Does Gene Therapy Epitomize the Peak of Medical Science?

September 22, 2020 | Healthcare

The concept of cloning and mutation was long described as just fictional science. Even with constant progress in the fields of science and healthcare, nobody could have predicted the extent to which gene therapy has advanced. Fair to say, we, as humans, haven’t compromised on scientific research and through huge budget allocations as well as favorable resources, this therapy is no longer a matter of fictional science.

‘Gene therapy’ is a diversified concept that is associated with replacing an abnormal or dysfunctional gene with a normal one. The fact that critical diseases such as cancer and diabetes have the potential to be passed on through genes, has certainly driven the constant efforts that are put in towards this therapy. To indicate the ‘recent’ progress that this concept has made, we have put forward some stats, as presented by Fortune Business Insights in its latest research report on the global gene therapy market. The company states that through exceptional discoveries and rising investments in R&D, the gene therapy market will rise from its current value of $3.61 billion to a mammoth $35.67 billion by the end of 2027.

Does Gene Therapy Epitomize the Peak of Medical Science?

Great Promise, but Greater Challenges…

Although the applications of gene therapy are exceptional, the product has to go through an onslaught of clinical challenges before it commercialization. The sensitivity of this concept can be understood, however, with even the slightest of errors potentially altering bodily functions altogether. For any gene therapy manufacturers, the biggest challenge is making the product ready for use for specified applications. Very few products have been able to penetrate through the clinical regulatory barrier and this may very well put off smaller companies. However, an accumulated space of ‘failed’ clinical trials can be put to use, with newer companies now learning from the mistakes of its counterparts. The number of ongoing clinical trials is higher than it has ever been and with massive investments in commercialization, there is a possibility of an influx in gene therapy products in the coming years.

From ‘Non-addressable’ to ‘Treatable’: Applications in Neurological Disorders are Attracting Great Interest

Among all critical disorders, neurological diseases are still the biggest challenge for scientists. With the potentially fatal effects, there have been constant studies in the treatment of neurological disorders, but with little success. The use of gene therapy in neurological diseases has come as a sign of relief for many enthusiasts. Recent studies have indicated the potential of gene therapy in enhancing the treatment of several critical neurological disorders. A team of scientists at the Princeton Neuroscience Institute have put forwards a theory of new gene promoters that possess the ability to switch on gene expressions. Although the commercial success of this product remains to be seen, such concepts certainly grab investor attention across the world.

Heading in the Right Direction…

For several decades, gene therapy and mutation derived very little success. The ratio of attempted clinical trials to successful ones was contrastingly low. We can however, afford more losses in the world that we’re living in currently; something we couldn’t bear in the past with limited budget allocations and ethically constraints. That seems to be changing rapidly now, with massive investments and increasing number of successful trials. Whether this is consequential to more trial and errors or just conscious scientific efforts, is uncertain. The thing that is practically and evidently certain is that we have established a wider application space for this type of therapy. The manner in which newer concepts are coming to the fore, we may very well expect an even greater number of gene therapy products in the coming years.

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Tanay Bhalla is a highly-driven writer with extensive knowledge of diverse industries. His approach to writing is simple, intended to ensure a seamless read.

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