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Advances in Hemophilia Treatment: A Massive Upgrade in Conventional Approaches

March 04, 2020 | Healthcare

Hemophilia is a rare bleeding disorder that directly slows down the blood clotting process in the human body. As this disease is directly associated with blood-losses, it naturally draws significant attention. Unattended hemophilia can be dangerous. As huge emphasis is given to the treatment of this disease, fortunately enough, there are plenty of treatment approaches for hemophilia. Be it drugs, physical procedures, or simple precautions, hemophilia has certainly gotten the attention it deserves.

Let’s Analyze Why This Disease is Regarded as a ‘Serious Disorder’

Unlike other blood-related, if left untreated, hemophilia can result in a significant amount of blood loss. As hemophilia slows down the blood clotting process, it is essential to take external preventive measures. The disease is categorized as hemophilia A and B, wherein each require a separate form of treatment. This means that patients suffering from hemophilia A will witness no difference if they are prescribed with drugs that are meant for the treatment of hemophilia B. Although both cases are severe, it is fair to say that there are several drugs aimed at the treatment of both these categories.

Hemophilia Drug Market

There have been several advancements in the drugs associated with the treatment of hemophilia in recent years. Be it drug approvals, company collaborations, huge budget allocations, or molecular advances, these advances have been noteworthy. Mentioned below is a summary of the key industry developments in the hemophilia drugs industry:

2019: Clinical Approval for Hemlibra for Hemophilia-A Treatment

In March 2019, the European Commission passed an approval for the use of Hemlibra for treatment of people diagnosed with severe Hemophilia-A. While there were several other drugs aimed at the treatment of this disease, Hemlibra was recorded to have a much better effect than its alternate counterparts. This was a major advancement in the hemophilia drugs category and it has certainly encouraged other manufacturers.

2018: Sanofi’s Acquisition of Bioverativ

In 2018, Sanofi completed the acquisition of Bioverativ, a step taken to boost its hemophilia program. Bioverativ’s attractive portfolio of hemophilia drugs and treatment procedures will help Sanofi establish itself on the global stage. Through this acquisition, Sanofi will set a new platform for treatment of blood disorders. The company splashed a whopping USD 11.6 billion to acquire Bioverativ’s services.

Sangamo Therapeutics’ SB-525 Showing Promising Results

Derived from its gene therapy program for hemophilia therapeutics, Sangamo’s SB-525 is showing encouraging signs for Hemophilia-A treatments. As per interim results, SB-525 was found to have a positive effect through deliveries in high-doses. Despite high dosages, patient was found to be in a stable condition, thereby indicating that it had minimum side effects. SB-525 works on an interesting concept wherein it infuses a cell that would produce its own proteins, thus eliminating the need for external therapeutics.

The Verdict:

Although hemophilia is a very rare disorder, it’s seriousness cannot be overlooked. Having said that, exceptional scientific discoveries have topped the existing treatment options for hemophilia. Molecular advances have opened up a huge potential for further discoveries. Once a complex process, hemophilia treatment has been certainly eased due to the introduction of several drugs. The manner in which science is advising, it won’t be long until these drugs are available at minimal costs.

Author’s Bio:

Tanay Bhalla is a part of the very talented content team at Fortune Business Insights. He is a highly-driven writer with extensive experience in market research. Tanay specializes in blogs, articles and press releases. His approach to writing is simple, intended to ensure a seamless read.

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