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Top 10 Medical Drone Industry Players in 2022

February 18, 2022 | Aerospace & Defense

The outbreak of COVID-19 has managed to impact the global healthcare industry. It commenced a prompt extension in health technology with a few apparent ones such as the growth of telemedicine or home conducted lab tests. Moreover, the demand for security solutions led to the expansion of robotic assistance in hospitals. Additionally, drone distribution of medical goods, as well as vaccines, was available years prior to the pandemic. For instance, an American startup, Zipline, has been delivering clinical supplies in Rwanda since 2016.

Market players for medical drones along with several organizations have been engaging in collaborations, which, in turn, spurred the product demand. In February 2021, the Nigerian government signed an agreement involving medical delivery with Zipline, a global leader of medical supply delivery.

Top 10 Medical Drone Industry Players

COVID-19 Impact

As COVID-19 spread across the world in early 2020, technology corporations rushed to remodel their products to tackle the pandemic. This remodeling was particularly noticeable in the civilian drone industry, whose players estimated that the pandemic would benefit their map-making, examination as well as delivery technology.

In addition, drones are being utilized for several methods to fight the novel coronavirus. The use of delivery drones is more relevant in contrast to cargo drones considering the pandemic requirements.

Fortune Business Insights reports that the global market size for medical drones was USD 194.7 million in 2020, and is estimated to register a CAGR of 27.7% between 2021-2028. Additionally, high demand for drone delivery packages combined with rising testing, experiments, and approvals of these devices is estimated to bolster the market growth.

Top 10 Players in the Medical Drone Industry in 2022

1. Zipline Inc.

Top 10 Medical Drone Industry PlayersZipline Inc. is a California-based automated medical product delivery corporation. It designs, develops, and manufactures drones to deliver most of the crucial medical goods. The automated drone-based delivery network of the company supplies vaccines, clinical medications, medical as well as pathological testers and others.

In June 2021, Zipline collaborated with Pfizer Inc. to test and formulate an end-to-end distribution action plot of COVID-19 vaccines through Zipline’s automated supply networks globally.


2. Volocopter GmbH

Top 10 Medical Drone Industry PlayersVolocopter GmbH is a Germany-based aviation producer and urban air mobility solutions supplier. It produces environment-friendly air cabs intended for bulk transportation and distribution of crucial as well as marketable products to consumers.

In July 2021, Volocopter entered into a contract for the creation of an aviation training program for Volocopter’s forthcoming entrance into service.


3. Volansi Inc.

Top 10 Medical Drone Industry PlayersVolansi Inc. is an American UAV logistics company. It advances and uses VTOL drones for commercial as well as medical drone delivery activities. It further functions its VTOL drones in the defense sector.

In March 2021, Volansi was granted flight sanctions for its beyond visual line of sight flight functions based in West Africa, which will assist Volansi to institute aerial distribution pathways as well as other activities.


4. Matternet Inc.

Top 10 Medical Drone Industry PlayersMatternet Inc. is a California-based on-demand autonomous drone delivery platform supplier that incorporates M2 drone station as well as cloud platform for medical distributions. It manages drone activities with an effortless cargo connection at station to mechanize the interchange of loads as well as batteries

In November 2020, Matternet launched a beyond visual line of sight clinical drone delivery network at Labor Berlin, the first European urban BVLOS medical drone delivery network catering to millions of patients every year.


5. Manna Drone Delivery Inc.

Top 10 Medical Drone Industry PlayersManna Drone Delivery Inc. is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. It is an on-demand drone dlivery-as-a-service company, which facilitates local businesses to expand and grow through its aggressive delivery timeline and networks.

In March 2021, Manna Aero and Samsung entered into a partnership agreement for drone delivery for the Irish customer who buys Samsung Galaxy series gadgets to expand both Manna’s and Samsung’s customer base and market penetration across Ireland.


6. Flytrex Aviation Ltd.

Top 10 Medical Drone Industry PlayersFlytrex Aviation Ltd. is an Israel-based on-demand drone delivery technology provider. It facilitates automated drone delivery by utilizing its own cloud through a smart and user-friendly App Dashboard to make the deliveries for retailers, delivery companies, and ecommerce marketplaces to remote order destinations.

In June 2021, Flytrex received the FAA approval for the expansion of the drone delivery network and services in North Carolina.


7. Flirtey Holdings Inc.

Top 10 Medical Drone Industry PlayersFlirtey Holdings Inc. is an American drone delivery service provider catering to humanitarian, medical, ecommerce, and food delivery industries. Its services are quicker and efficient for better customer experience.

In March 2021, Flirtey completed the technology for certification and expansion of the U.S. production of Flirtey Eagle UAS for efficient last mile shipments.


8. Skyports Ltd.

Top 10 Medical Drone Industry PlayersSkyports Ltd. is the UK-based operator of drone delivery and urban aviation infrastructure for the delivery of commercial, medical & non-medical products and for mass transportation. It focuses on passenger and cargo vertiports at strategic locations and cargo delivery up to last mile destinations.

In May 2021, Skyports, Royal Mail, and its partners through their partnership delivered the first parcel carrying essential PPE kits and medical products to remote communities on the islands.


9. Skyfarer Ltd.

Top 10 Medical Drone Industry PlayersSkyfarer Ltd. is a U.K.-based Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) manufacturer for drone based delivery. The company focuses on transportation of vital pathological and medical payloads such as blood samples, vaccines, pharmaceutical products enabling its customers’ timely delivery of the essential medical products.

In April 2021, Skyfarer, a drone logistics company, was leading the consortium including Altitude Angel for enhancement of the pathology network across the U.K. by speeding the patient response time and sample turnaround time through faster delivery of pathological samples and supply of other medical products.


10. Swoop Aero Pty. Ltd.

Top 10 Medical Drone Industry PlayersSwoop Aero Pty. Ltd. is an Australia-based drone logistics service operator which provides essential supplies and services. The company focuses on two-way deliveries to ensure deliveries across multiple destinations, hospital facilities, and others.

In April 2021, Swoop Aero expanded its African drone delivery operations in collaboration with its NGO partners and the governments of DR Congo, Malawi, Mozambique in preparation for COVID vaccine distribution under COVAX program.

The market growth is expected to bolster due to immense technological advancements made for precise delivery activities combined with human monitoring. Attributed to restricted usage of drones in selected regions, it is assumed to hinder the demand and sales of the device up to some extent. As technology proceeds to develop with each passing day, the demand for such advanced devices is expected to surge in the forthcoming years.

Furthermore, drones can be trusted amid emergencies for ensuring error-free and prompt deliveries in accordance with appropriate human guidance and supervision.

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