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Medical Drone Market Size, Share & COVID-19 Impact Analysis, By Type (Fixed Wing, Rotary-Wing, and Hybrid), By Technology (Fully Autonomous, Semi-Autonomous, and Remotely Operated), By Package Size (Less than 2 Kg, 2-5Kg, and More than 5 Kg), By Application (Emergency Blood Logistics, Medical Drug & Vaccine, Emergency Organ Logistics, and Others), and Regional Forecast, 2023– 2030

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The global medical drone market size was valued at USD 1.05 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow from USD 1.25 billion in 2023 to USD 3.62 billion by 2030, exhibiting a CAGR of 16.4% during the forecast period.


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A medical drone is an unmanned system that is used for transportation and can carry a large load of healthcare-related items and essential supplies. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the market registered a tremendous growth due to the high demand for medical drones to transport healthcare equipment. Nations around the world established appropriate infrastructure and facilities to enable contactless delivery of essential and medical supplies and avoid the further spread of coronavirus.

The rise in demand for medical supplies, medicines, organs, and first aid kits to help first responders and carry out search and rescue operations is expected to drive the market during the forecast period.


COVID-19 Pandemic Positively Impacted Market Owing to Increased Use of Unmanned Technology

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a dramatic increase in the demand for unmanned systems to deliver essentials, medical care instruments, medicines, and vaccines. During the pandemic, drones were used in a lot of applications, such as medical supplies and laboratory samples. The countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, such as Ghana, Rwanda, and Malawi are the major utilizers of drone systems for the delivery of medical supplies, vaccines, pathological & blood samples, and commodities since 2016. These drones were also used to deliver COVID-19 supplies in remote places. Drones were in high demand due to their application in medical drugs, vaccines, and other surgical equipment deliveries, and even for transporting life-saving organs.


Rise in Integration of Emerging Technologies to Act as a Major Market Trend

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and service providers have started using Artificial Intelligence and other emerging technologies, such as AR, VR, XR, and IoT, in the delivery of medical materials via drones. The integration of these technologies is beneficial for the service providers and OEMs since they reduce errors, enable advanced operations, and provide assistance to healthcare providers. For instance,

  • In March 2023, Zipline, a drone service provider, unveiled its next-generation aircraft Platform 2 that can carry double the capacity of the company’s previous drones and is integrated with Artificial Intelligence to assist medical services providers.

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Rising Use of Medical Drones in First Responder Operations to Support Market Growth

There has been a notable surge in the use of drones to aid operations related to first support, search & rescue, and disaster management in recent years. Such wide applications of drones have proliferated the demand for medical drones. The unmanned system is capable of transporting essential medicines, first aid, rescue materials, vital organs, and humans to places that could be dangerous for first responders to access. Therefore, a growth in the usage of drones in SAR, emergency medical services, and blood bank operations is expected to boost the overall medical drone market growth during the forecast period.

  • For instance, in March 2023, researchers funded by the European Union developed a drone-based technology that provides situational awareness in a moment of distress and disaster to aid first responders with appropriate information to save lives.

Growing Technological Advancements, Testing, and Certification Approvals for Drones to Drive Market Growth

The pandemic accelerated the adoption and initiation of regulations, approvals, experimentations, and test flights by governments and OEMs for medical applications. Therefore, many countries started experimenting with and testing the UAV’s efficiency.  As a result, in 2021, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) registered around 900,000 drones, which may be deployed for varying applications. India as well, in May 2021, initiated a wider testing of drones for vaccine and medicinal deliveries to Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) destinations.

  • For instance, in May 2021, the Australian Government planned to invest USD 28 million to initiate the Emerging Aviation Technology Partnerships Program under the National Emerging Aviation Technologies (NEAT) Policy Statement, which regulates the country's drone sector. Such factors are anticipated to fuel the market growth.


Lack of Skilled Pilots and Appropriate Infrastructure to Limit Market Growth

Irrespective of multiple applications and attractive qualities of a drone, lack of appropriate infrastructure and skilled pilots can hinder the growth of the market. Additionally, lack of unified air traffic management operations to increase flight safety in controlled airspace for all airborne platforms causes a major hindrance. Minimizing the operational challenges and drone-related accidents faced by BVLOS flights is a major problem. Furthermore, the use of remotely operated drones for medical delivery applications has been challenged by the lack of skilled pilots for BVLOS flight operations, further restraining the market.


By Type Analysis

Rotary-Wing Segment to Dominate Market Owing to its Vertical Lift Capability

Based on type, the market is categorized into fixed wing, rotary-wing, and hybrid.

The rotary-wing segment accounted for the largest market share in 2021 and is expected to record the highest CAGR owing to its vertical lift capabilities and micro turbine equipment that increases its load carrying capacity and eases operation.

The hybrid segment is anticipated to record a significant CAGR owing to several technological advancements and applications. Since hybrid drones can be used for long-haul and SAR applications, the market is expected to witness a steady growth during the forecast period.

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By Technology Analysis

Remotely Operated Drones to Dominate Market Due to their High Adoption in Medical Applications

By technology, the market is classified into remotely operated, semi-autonomous, and fully autonomous.

The remotely operated segment is anticipated to be the largest segment owing to the high adoption rate of these systems for various medical applications. The segment is also expected to emerge as the fastest growing segment.

  • For instance, in June 2021, Dunzo, a hyperlocal delivery service provider, announced that it was working with a consortium of industry experts to create a remotely operated drone-based medicinal and healthcare logistics in Telangana, India in partnership with the Government of Telangana.

However, the semi-autonomous segment is expected to record a significant CAGR during the forecast period. This growth can be attributed to the rising demand for drones that can fit small spaces and be used for compact medical operations, such as disinfection.

By Package Size Analysis

2-5 Kg Segment Dominates Market Owing to Growing Preference for Medium Capacity Drones

Based on package size, the market is divided into less than 2 kg, 2 – 5 kg, and more than 5 kg.

The 2-5 kg segment accounted for the largest medical drone market share in 2022 and is expected to maintain the dominance by recording the highest CAGR during the forecast period. This is owing to a high demand for medium payload drones for medical equipment delivery and wide availability of 2-5Kg drones.

The less than 2 kg segment is anticipated to register a significant CAGR from 2023-2030 owing to rising experimental and operational approvals granted to the less than 2 kg category for unmanned logistics as government initiatives worldwide.

  • For instance, in August 2021, the Indian Ministry of Civil Aviation launched a successful test flight of BVLOS drone to deliver medicines in Bengaluru, India.

By Application Analysis

Emergency Blood Logistics to Dominate Market Owing to High Demand for Emergency Blood Samples

Based on application, the market is bifurcated into emergency blood logistics, medical drug & vaccine, emergency organ logistics, and others.

The emergency blood logistics segment accounted for the largest market share in 2022 owing to high demand for emergency blood in case of accidents and to supply blood and pathological samples. Additionally, countries in Asia Pacific and Africa have initiated blood delivery from collection centers to medical centers via drones.

  • For instance, in April 2022, Rwanda, an East African country, successfully initiated the blood delivery process using air shuttle, which is said to be faster than driving.

The medical drug & vaccine segment is expected to display the highest CAGR during the forecast period owing to the aftermaths of the pandemic leading to a surge in the demand for on-time delivery of medicines and vaccines.


Based on region, the global market is analyzed across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East & Africa, and Latin America.

North America Medical Drone Market Size, 2022 (USD Million)

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The North America market was valued at USD 336.6 million in 2022 and is expected to dominate the global market due to the presence of top OEMs and a growing demand for medical drones. During the pandemic, the U.S. was one of the first countries to come up with technologically advanced solutions such as disinfecting spray drones for public spaces.

Asia Pacific is anticipated to register the highest CAGR during the forecast period due to growing number of OEMs in the region. The region is witnessing large quantities of drones being exported to service providers in North America and Europe. Additionally, customization and refurbishment of regular commercial drones that are converted to medical drones is expected to drive the market in the region.

Europe accounted for the second-largest market share in 2022. This is due to increased demand for drones from developed countries in the region, such as France, the U.K., Italy, and Germany. Additionally, the pandemic accelerated the technological advancements in drones to facilitate effective and on-time delivery of life-saving materials and medication.

The Middle East & Africa region is expected to gain traction in the coming years owing to the region’s budding healthcare sector. Additionally, numerous countries in the African sub-continent, such as Ghana are a major contributor to the market’s growth. In African countries, medicinal aid and various vaccines are transported via drones to reach remote areas.Latin America is a growing market for medical drones. For instance, in March 2023, Speedbird Aero, a Brazil-based drone delivery company, unveiled its plans to expand in the U.S. market.


Key Market Players are Focused on Providing Different Services to Seal Market Position

The market is highly fragmented, with several global and regional players operating in this industry. It is observed that key market players have a vast variety of products and are focused on providing the best possible drone for faster delivery. The top players in the industry are Bell Flight – Textron, Vayu Inc., and others.

Other prominent players involved in the market include Aquiline Drones, Avy, Zipline Inc., UPS, and others. These companies are highly involved in new product launches and partnerships and acquisitions to sustain their market positions.

List of Key Companies Profiled:

  • Aquiline Drones (U.S.)

  • Avy (Netherlands)

  • Bell Flight – Textron (U.S.)

  • Draganfly Innovations (Canada)

  • Drone Delivery Canada Corp. (Canada)

  • Freefly Systems (U.S.)

  • Aether Global Innovations Corporation (Formerly, Plymouth Rock Technologies Inc.) (U.S.)

  • Skyports Ltd. (U.K.)

  • Vayu Inc. (U.S.)

  • Workhorse Group (U.S.)


  • May 2021 – Avy BV, a Dutch UAV manufacturer, announced its partnership with Robotic Skies Inc., a global drone maintenance service provider. The partnership would enable the development of an in-field fleet support program for Avy's growing fleet of autonomous long-range life-saving UAVs to maintain the large operational fleet for critical medical and humanitarian flight operations across the world.

  • April 2023 – The Virginia Institute for Spaceflight & Autonomy (VISA) initiated the delivery of medicines to patients suffering from hypertension in remote locations. The service was announced as a partnership with DroneUp, Riverside Health System, and Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation.

  • April 2023 – Michigan Medicine, a healthcare provider, unveiled its plans to double the in-house pharmacy numbers using Zipline Inc., a global drone services provider. The operation is said to benefit over a thousand patients around the county and will be able to make 10 mile flights in record 10 minutes.

  • May 2023 – RigiTech, a Swiss UAV medical drone delivery specialist, announced a strategic partnership with Spright, a U.S.-based healthcare transport company. The partnership was initiated to aid expansion across Europe and the world.

  • June 2023 – Wingcopter GmbH, a Germany-based drone services provider, partnered with Siemens Healthineers Middle East, Southern & Eastern Africa to make drone delivery solutions for medical supplies. The partnership will aid delivery of medical materials in the African subcontinent.


An Infographic Representation of Medical Drone Market

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The global market research report provides detailed information on the market and focuses on leading companies, product types, and key product applications. Besides this, the report offers insights into the latest market trends and market competition, and highlights key industry developments. In addition to the above factors, it covers several factors that have contributed to the market’s growth in recent years.

Report Scope & Segmentation

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Study Period


Base Year


Estimated Year 


Forecast Period


Historical Period


Growth Rate

CAGR of 16.4% from 2023 to 2030


Value (USD Billion)


By Type

  • Fixed Wing

  • Rotary-Wing

  • Hybrid

By Technology

  • Fully Autonomous

  • Semi-Autonomous

  • Remotely Operated

By Package Size

  • Less than 2 kg

  • 2-5 kg

  • More than 5 kg

By Application

  • Emergency Blood Logistics

  • Medical Drug & Vaccine

  • Emergency Organ Logistics

  • Others

By Country

  • North America (By Type, Technology, Package Size, Application, and Country)

    • U.S. (By Type)

    • Canada (By Type)

  • Europe (By Type, Technology, Package Size, Application, and Country)

    • U.K. (By Type)

    • Germany (By Type)

    • France (By Type)

    • Italy (By Type)

    • Spain (By Type)

    • Rest of Europe (By Type)

  • Asia Pacific (By Type, Technology, Package Size, Application, and Country)

    • China (By Type)

    • India (By Type)

    • Japan (By Type)

    • Australia (By Type)

    • South Korea (By Type)

    • Rest of Asia Pacific (By Type)

  • Middle East & Africa (By Type, Technology, Package Size, Application, and Country)

    • Ghana (By Type)

    • UAE (By Type)

    • Saudi Arabia (By Type)

    • Turkey (By Type)

    • Rest of Middle East & Africa (By Type)

  • Latin America (By Type, Technology, Package Size, Application, and Country)

    • Brazil (By Type)

    • Mexico (By Type)

    • Rest of Latin America (By Type)

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Fortune Business Insights stated that the global market size was valued at USD 1.05 billion in 2022 and is projected to reach USD 3.62 billion by 2030.

Registering a CAGR of 16.4%, the market will exhibit rapid growth during the forecast period of 2023-2030.

The rotary-wing segment will dominate this market during the forecast period.

UPS, Zipline Inc., and Textron are the leading players in the global market.

North America topped the market in terms of share in 2022.

The U.S. dominated the market in 2022.

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