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Unmanned Systems Market Research Report

The Unmanned aircraft System (UAS), also known as UAVs or drones, comprise of an aerial vehicle that can be controlled remotely or autonomously withou


t an actual pilot on board. The UAS industry has soared high in the recent years with its pre-eminent applications in the commercial and agriculture sectors. The rising research and development pertaining UAS technologies has reformed the UAS platforms offered by manufacturers. The UAS have found their way in underwater sea exploration activities, disaster relief, recreational purposes, aerial photography and videography, apart from military operations. The high production of UAS in the United States along with the entrance of numerous enterprises has boosted the market space. For instance, In the United States (US), more than 100,000 remote pilot certificates have been issued by the Federal Aviation Administration. The stellar awareness regarding the uses of UAS in the developing countries is driving the companies to broaden their production capacities. At Fortune Business Insights, we are resolute in offering the paramount-quality studies to our clientele. We strive to put together the finest industry information in our reports, comprising of diverse sections to give companies a broad perspective of the industry.

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