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ents make better business decisions and give them a complete picture of the market. The mining industry consists of processing, beneficiation, extraction, and search for naturally occurring minerals from the earth. A mining company’s major assets are its resources and reserves. Based on the type of minerals they produce, these companies can be divided into metallic minerals, nonmetallic minerals, and energy minerals. Mining provides careers in management, law, engineering, maintenance, and design. The U.S. was once considered the largest producer of a wide range of minerals. As per a 2016 report by the National Mining Association, the surging demand for minerals may lead to their extraction directly in the U.S. rather than getting them imported. However, the increasing foreign competition has diminished growth in the country in recent decades. Mining can cause severe environmental issues, such as contamination of soil, the formation of sinkholes, erosion, and loss of biodiversity. Therefore, companies are required to follow strict rehabilitation codes and environmental norms to reduce impact. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO), for instance, provides certifications of mines with good practices.

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