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Airport Systems Market Research Report

Fortune Business Insights™ produces high-quality, well-researched market reports on the aerospace and defense industry, comprising exhaustive an


alysis of the industry trends, drivers, size, share, and growth rate, and valuable insights into the future outlook and opportunities. The aerospace and defense is heavily reliant on robust infrastructural facilities and airports are probably the most critical infrastructure for both aviation and defense operations. Escalating rate of air travel has led to a skyrocketing demand for airplanes and airports. For example, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) estimates that around 4.3 billion people traveled by air in 2018. Aside from becoming a hub of commercial activity, airports around the world are incorporating smart technologies such as 5G and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimize ground operations and enhance efficiency and productivity of ground staff. For instance, Vodafone recently announced that it will be commencing its 5G services at London’s Gatwick Airport. Thus, integration of intelligent technological solutions is expected to usher in a new era of airport management, which will prove beneficial for the aerospace and defense industry as a whole. Fortune Business Insights™ makes continuous efforts to analyze the current dynamics and make future projections, thus providing a solid information base for businesses to thrive in this industry.

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