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Seed & Seed Technology Market Research Report

Fortune Business Insights™ shares in-depth analysis along with qualitative and quantitative study on the factors impacting the size and growth o


f the agriculture industry through its comprehensive market research reports. Growing world population and mounting concerns surrounding food security have heightened the need for higher agricultural productivity. With this backdrop, Fortune Business Insights™ analyzes the changing dynamics of seed technologies as seeds are central for the growth of the agriculture industry. Most of the developing countries in the world are heavily dependent on agriculture and are expected to present the highly lucrative opportunities for various companies in this industry. For example, the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates that nearly 70% of India’s rural households are directly dependent on agriculture. As a result, regional and global players are designing products best suited for emerging economies. For instance, Ihara launched a fungicidal treatment product for soyabean and corn crops in Brazil. These companies are conceiving innovative solutions that align with the sustainable development goals and are also affordable and accessible to marginal farmers, which constitute the majority in developing nations. Thus, our aim is to provide tangible insights to businesses, who wish to establish their presence in this domain, so as to enable them to strategize according to the changing dynamics of this industry.

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