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Top 11 Natural Gas Generator Manufacturers Around the World, 2021

June 30, 2021 | Energy & Power

A few years ago, traditional generators were considered to be affordable and reliable, but also noisy. Natural gas, on the other hand, was expensive and hence, rarely used. But, today, the ongoing development in enclosures, engines, and similar other components has made the latter very popular across the globe because of its high efficiency. Various companies nowadays are utilizing natural gas generators as they are capable of delivering the power whenever required. They can perform a wide range of tasks- right from keeping factories running to saving lives at hospitals.

As per a report by Fortune Business Insights ™, the market size for natural gas generators is anticipated to reach USD 7.71 billion by 2026. It is expected to showcase an astonishing growth in the near future on account of the rising demand for continuous and reliable power supply. Additionally, the surging concerns of global warming, rising sea levels, and deforestation are compelling regulatory bodies to take various initiatives for encouraging people to utilize eco-friendly solutions. In March 2021, Statista published a study mentioning that the earth’s surface temperature was 0.98 Celsius degrees hotter in 2020, unlike the 20th Century average. Such grave situations would propel the industry.

COVID-19 Pandemic: Demand for Back-up Generators Surge Owing to High Testing Capacity

First identified in China’s Hubei province in 2019, the coronavirus has since impacted more than 150 countries and has compelled WHO to declare it a global pandemic. The nationwide lockdown measures implemented by regulatory bodies across the globe have severely impacted the energy and power sector. Cheaper electricity prices and declining demand are expected to affect natural gas-based generation. A report by ETEnergyWorld, published in May 2020 states that the sector can recover with the restructuring of debt of affected power plants, availability of cost-effective generators, signing of long or medium-term power purchase agreements, and improving the financial conditions of discoms.

On the contrary, the rising COVID-19 testing capacities for isolating and identifying affected people has dramatically surged the demand for electricity. Some of these testing sites are located in car parking areas or stadiums, where connectivity issues can often arise. Also, hospitals are demanding for back-up generators owing to the fear of losing power occurring because of storms or other harsh climatic conditions. Numerous manufacturers have come forward to respond to this high demand amid the pandemic. In April 2020, for instance, Aggreko, a manufacturer of power generation equipment based in the U.K., donated 13,000 small generators to COVID-19 testing sites.

Fortune Business Insights™ Presents a List of the Top 11 Natural Gas Generator Manufacturers:

1. Caterpillar Inc.

Top 11 Natural Gas Generator ManufacturersAlso known as CAT, the company is a seller, manufacturer, and designer of insurance, financial products, engines, and machinery. It was founded 96 years ago as a result of the merger between the C. L. Best Tractor Company and the Holt Manufacturing Company. It also markets and licenses a range of workwear boots and clothing under its name.

In September 2020, Caterpillar Inc. introduced its latest natural gas-fueled generator set named Cat® G3412 for meeting various crucial industry requirements, such as UL 2200, NFPA 110 Level 1 Type 10, and loading standards. Similarly, in the same year, the company’s Stowers Cat generators were selected by Tennessee Aquarium for the supply of standby power.


2. Cummins Inc.

Top 11 Natural Gas Generator ManufacturersIt is a multinational company that distributes, produces, and designs power generation, filtration, and engines. This U.S.-based company also services emission control, trucks, fuel systems, filtration, air handling, and electrical power generation systems. It has joined ventures of some of the most renowned players, such as LiuGong and Dongfeng Automobile Company.

In March 2020, for instance, Cummins unveiled its new C25G gas generator series in the 2020 Middle East Energy (MEE) show. The series is specially designed to surge fuel efficiency and lower maintenance costs. It is best suited for utilities, commercial buildings, manufacturing, and healthcare industries requiring a stable operation.


3. Aggreko

Top 11 Natural Gas Generator ManufacturersIt is a prominent supplier of temperature control equipment and temporary power generation equipment. Founded in 1962 by Luc Koopman, the company has hired out various businesses, such as chillers, air conditioners, heaters, load banks, and diesel generators.

In May 2018, Aggreko received a contract from the Virgin Islands Water & Power Authority (VIWAPA) to provide a LPG-powered Next Generation Gas Generator to Caribbean Island. It will help in supplying reliable and flexible power, as well as save electricity.



Top 11 Natural Gas Generator ManufacturersIt is a subsidiary of Kohler Company and is a manufacturer of industrial generators. Headquartered in Brest, it specializes in the production of generating sets, especially in the European market. It has a wide network of dealers present throughout 180 countries.

In September 2020, KOHLER Power Systems introduced multiple new models of 50Hz and 60Hz gaseous-powered industrial generators. They range from 300 to 500 kW and are beneficial for commercial, industrial, and critical applications.


5. Generac Power Systems

Top 11 Natural Gas Generator ManufacturersCommonly known as Generac, it is a reputed manufacturer of backup power generation products for industrial, light commercial, and residential markets. Its products are available through wholesalers, retailers, and independent dealers. Its famous Guardian Series including portable and standby generators has procured the Good Housekeeping Seal.

In February 2021, Generac Power Systems declared that it is planning to open a new distribution, assembly, and manufacturing operation in South Carolina. It will help to meet the high demand for energy technologies and home standby generators. It will also operate as a distribution center to clients residing in the U.S.


6. Himoinsa

Top 11 Natural Gas Generator ManufacturersIt is a distributor, manufacturer, and designer of power generation equipment, such as hybrid generators, control panels, lighting towers, and gas generator sets. Even before an order is formally placed, the company ensures to provide feasible studies, technical consultancy, and certifications.

For instance, in February 2020, HIMOINSA Power Solutions UK bagged the Innovation Trail Live award amid the Executive Hire Show in the U.K. Its LPG rental generator sets were considered winners because of their low sound level and emissions. They are at the forefront in the European rental market because of their possession of an internal LPG tank.


7. Atlas Copco

Top 11 Natural Gas Generator ManufacturersBased in Sweden, the company specializes in industrial equipment and tools. It rents, services, manufactures, and develops assembly systems, construction systems, and air compressors. The company focuses in four major areas, namely, industrial technique, power technique, vacuum technique, and compressor technique.

In January 2021, Atlas Copco launched QAC 1450 TwinPower™, its new containerized generators under the QAC range. The product would deliver excellent fuel economy, optimized performance, and unrivalled versatility for modular power plant applications.


8. Briggs & Stratton

Top 11 Natural Gas Generator ManufacturersFounded 113 years ago, the company manufactures gasoline engines and owns facilities in the Netherlands, U.S., Mexico, Australia, China, Canada, and Brazil. In June 2020, for instance, the company modernized its power management portfolio by launching Amplify Power Management System. It can be controlled via a smartphone app to fulfill the demand from families and homes.


9. Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited

Top 11 Natural Gas Generator ManufacturersCommonly known as KOEL, it is a prominent manufacturer of generating sets, agricultural pumpsets, and diesel engines. It also specializes in both liquid and air-cooled generating sets and diesel engines. Its customized solutions are best suited for a wide range of applications, such as shopping malls, manufacturing, coast guards, airports, textile, and financial institutions.

In February 2019, KOEL unveiled its new range of highly advanced diesel generators in India. It has an innovative remote monitoring feature that can automatically report issues to the control room and perform a self-diagnosis.


10. INNIO Group

Top 11 Natural Gas Generator ManufacturersThe company is also known as INNIO Jenbacher and it is a renowned manufacturer of congregation modules and gas engines. In October 2019, for instance, it introduced the J620 generator that can reduce emissions by 25% for carbon dioxide and 90% for NOx. It also delivers a greater run time and helps meet sustainability needs.


11. mtu solutions

Top 11 Natural Gas Generator ManufacturersThe company powers the largest land vehicles, tugboats, and yachts, as well as provides energy for crucial applications. It integrates renewable energies with the help of microgrids to manage the rising demand for power from customers globally. For instance, in December 2020, Rolls-Royce unveiled a MTU Series 500 to generate more power. It is an economical and climate-friendly solution that can be a great help to the utility and industrial sector.


Cost Reduction of Green Hydrogen to Be the Major Aim of Companies in Future

Nowadays, power producers are focusing more on reducing costs of green hydrogen. The fuel is expected to become significant for decarbonization of the economy. According to one of the officials of Florida Power & Light Co., “Currently, we are trying to make hydrogen competitive. However, we are forgetting that they have to be shipped with natural gas. To prevent this problem, the access to electrons on-site should have to be free. This way, we can close the cost gap and reduce it quickly.” Besides, as the need to increase sustainability is growing at a fast pace worldwide, natural gas generators will be popular in the upcoming years.

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