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Rising Environmental Awareness, Diverse Applications in the End-User Industries, and Production of Energy Storage Devices: Multitude of Applications Driving the Demand Amongst Top Activated Carbon Companies

May 21, 2024 | Chemicals & Materials

The enforcement of stringent regulatory guidelines in light of growing consumer awareness and environmental concerns is expected to propel the adoption of activated carbon over the ensuing years. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), over 90% of the population at the global level inhales polluted air and the number of estimated deaths from air pollution each year exceed 4.1 million. Owing to these factors, several companies are investing in the development of products that cater to various cleaning and air treatment applications.

Top Activated Carbon Companies

Furthermore, there has been an increasing deployment of activated carbon injection technology in cement kilns and power plants for the reduction of mercury emissions.

According to Fortune Business Insights, the global market size of activated carbon stood at USD 4.98 billion in 2022 and is anticipated to expand from USD 5.26 billion in 2023 to USD 7.73 billion by 2030, exhibiting a CAGR of 5.6% over the analysis period. These market players provide solutions catering to a range of end-user industries comprising oil & gas, pharmaceutical, water treatment, and food & beverage, among others.

Top activated carbon companies are adopting various strategies such as acquisitions for strengthening their foothold in the market.

1. Osaka Gas Chemicals Co., Ltd:

Top Activated Carbon CompaniesOsaka Gas Chemicals Group is renowned for providing adsorption and separation solutions and advanced material solutions. The group caters to the requirement of various industries comprising automotive, electrical & electronics, and others. The company’s offerings comprise activated carbon fiber, water purifier cartridges, and adsorbents for air-conditioning filters.

Additional offerings comprise wood preservatives, optics and electronics field, industrial preservatives, and termite control products. Osaka brings its carbon products to the market through its group companies, including Davao Chemical Corporation (DCCC), Minabe Chemical Industries, Ltd., Jacobi Carbons AB, and AD’ALL Co., Ltd. In 2022, the company’s revenues hit USD 231.1 million.


2. Donau Carbon GmbH:

Top Activated Carbon CompaniesDonau Carbon GmbH is known for its manufacturing of activated carbon for a range of applications, including waste gas cleanup and exhaust air. The company provides various carbon grades – extruded, granular, and powdered – produced from raw materials such as coconut shell, lignite, wood, and coal.

Donau operates in more than 60 countries and provides its services through several brand names, including SUPERSORBON, DESOREX, EPIBON, CARBOPAL, and HYDRAFFIN. The company’s offices are situated in Austria, Germany, France, the Philippines, and the U.S.


3. Cabot Corporation:

Top Activated Carbon CompaniesCabot Corporation provides various products, including fumed metal oxides, aerogel, inkjet colorants, and fumed metal oxides. The specialty chemicals and performance materials organization operates in 20 countries across Europe, North America, South America, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East & Africa. In 2022, the company generated a revenue of USD 4.32 billion through purification solutions, performance chemicals, reinforcement materials, and other segments. In January 2023, Cabot made big news by announcing a USD 200.0 million investment in the U.S. The funds would help expand conductive carbon additives (CCA) capacity at their U.S.-based Pampa facility over the next five years.


4. Puragen Activated Carbons:

Top Activated Carbon CompaniesFormerly known as Oxbow Activated Carbon, Puragen Activated Carbons provides an array of carbon grades catering to a range of purification applications. The products are manufactured through raw materials such as steam, bituminous and sub-bituminous coal, chemically activated wood, steam, and steam-activated coconut shells.

Catering to gas and air purification applications, Puragen’s product portfolio comprises solutions in powder, pellets, and granular forms. The company has access to engineering capability and filter products in CPL Activated Carbons for carbon reactivation.


5. Carbotech AC GmbH:

Top Activated Carbon CompaniesCarboTech provides its products in various forms – granulated, powder, and extruded. Equipped with finishing treatment, production, and packaging services, the production facilities of the company are situated at the industrial Ruhr conurbation based in Germany. The company provides various products such as carbon molecular sieves and activated cokes that are made from raw materials, including coconut coke, hard coal, and charcoal.


6. Kuraray Co., Ltd:

Top Activated Carbon CompaniesOne of the top activated carbon companies, Kuraray Co. Ltd. is known for the production of chemicals, fibers, and other materials such as high-performance membranes, plastics, rubbers, and textiles. Its offerings find application in water treatment, gas absorption, and other purification areas. In 2022, the company’s revenues hit USD 5.17 billion.

Kuraray has 43 bases and 9 manufacturing units outside Japan and an extensive global presence in 31 countries. In October 2022, the company made it to the headlines for finishing the test operation of reactivated carbon production on its Germany-based Feluy plant.


7. Kureha Corporation: 

Top Activated Carbon CompaniesKureha Corporation is known for the production of specialty chemicals and advanced materials. In 2022, the company’s revenues touched USD 1,306.6 million. Kureha is known for the production and supply of activated carbon through its group companies. These comprise KUREHA AMERICA INC, KUREHA ENERGY SOLUTIONS LLC, KUREHA PGA LLC, KUREHA Gmbh, Krehalon B.V. French Branch, KUREHA EUROPE B.V., Krehalon B.V. UK BRANCH, Krehalon B.V. Belgian Branch, and others.

Kureha supplies specialty products to end-users through two production sites based in Japan.


8. Activated Carbon Technologies: 

Top Activated Carbon CompaniesActivated Carbon Technologies is a major Australia-based manufacturer of pellet, granular, and powdered carbon products. The carbon-processing unit of the company is based in Perth, Western Australia. The company has an extensive range of capabilities in its high-tech laboratory.

The unit is equipped with a laser diffractometer for the rapid determination of particle size. Besides, the lab assists in product development and can perform activated carbon analysis.


9. Silcarbon Aktivkhole GmbH: 

Top Activated Carbon CompaniesSilcarbon Aktivkhole GmbH is known for the production and sale of charcoal and carbon products for water, air, and absorption. The company provides a range of diversified offerings through the development of new carbon and coal products for various markets.

Silcarbon produces a range of filters, packaging services, technical support, and spent activated carbon. The company is known for the manufacturing and marketing of highly engineered carbon products.


10. Ingevity: 

Top Activated Carbon CompaniesIngevity is focused on the development and production of engineered polymers, high-performance carbon materials, and specialty chemicals. In 2022, the company’s revenue hit USD 1,668.3 million. The company provides solutions for a range of industries, including soaps & detergents, chemicals, inks & coatings, bioplastics, agriculture, food, and adhesives. The company has seven technical and ten administrative centers at the global level and operates around 14 manufacturing units.

Ingevity offers solutions for use in a range of applications, including gasoline vapor emission, water purification, chemical, and food. In August 2022, the company announced a USD 60 million investment in lithium-ion anode materials for securing future activated carbon supply relationships with Nexeon for revenue maximization from the segment.

In the Years to Come

The increasing demand for air purification systems in generators and factories is expected to favor product adoption over the coming years. The product consumption is also touted to rise in batteries considering the increasing energy demand and a subsequent surge in the production of energy storage devices for use across various industries.

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