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Top 10 Geochemical Services Companies: An Overview of Minerals Found on Earth

September 15, 2022 | Energy & Power

Growing potential of geochemistry to favor top 10 geochemical services companies

Geochemistry is the study of the distribution, origin, and evolution of different chemical elements found in rock-forming minerals on Earth. These services aid in analyzing the locations of minerals with high commercial value, metals, and petroleum. Additionally, it is utilized to monitor and comprehend changes in the earth's climate as well as track leaks from waste disposal facilities.

According to Fortune Business Insights™, the global market size for geochemical services will rise from USD 1.01 billion in 2021 and may reach USD 1.41 billion by 2028, exhibiting a CAGR of 4.9% during the projection period.

Few Investment Opportunities to Impede Market Growth During COVID-19 Pandemic

The rapid outbreak of coronavirus has severely impacted a wide range of industries, resulting in a global health disaster. Global manufacturing and trade have been halted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Since 2020 began, almost every country in the world witnessed a significant increase in the number of impacted cases.

Several governments and organizations have proposed substantial preparations to deal with the "new normal" in the post COVID-19 world as the pandemic affected all countries in the world. Strategies are created to enable businesses to operate profitably moving forward. As a result, the resurgence of industrial verticals is expected to open new avenues for the integration of geochemical services and solutions to increase productivity and reduce operational risk.

Following are the Top 10 Geochemical Services Companies


1. Fugro

Top Geochemical Services CompaniesFugro, one of the frontrunner among the top geochemical services companies, is a geographic data specialist in charge of gathering and examining in-depth data on the terrain and its features. It finds geodata insights to assist clients in designing, developing, and operating their assets safely, sustainably, and effectively. It does this by integrating data collection, analysis, and suggestions.

For PETRONAS Suriname E&P BV (PSEPBV), Fugro carried out geochemical studies in Block 48 offshore Suriname in 2021. PSEPBV is a PETRONAS subsidiary and one of the Fortune 500 businesses. PETRONAS is a worldwide energy and solutions partner. This project entails the collecting of geophysical data, the measurement of heat flux, core sample, and aerial geochemical analysis.


2. Schlumberger

Top Geochemical Services CompaniesSchlumberger offers a range of cutting-edge evaluations of fluid and geochemical characteristics. Its geochemical interpretation methodology provides numerous fluid and rock property measurements accustomed to the heterogeneity of traditional and non-traditional reservoirs using the most cutting-edge analytical equipment supported by top experts.

In 2015, Schlumberger purchased Fluid Inclusion Technologies, Inc. (FIT), a U.S.-based provider of oil and gas services that specializes in advanced well gas analysis in drilling and laboratory analysis of fluids in rock materials.


3. Bureau Veritas

Top Geochemical Services CompaniesBureau Veritas is an international organization with expertise in a wide range of commodities. It offers impartial inspection, sampling, and testing services. A number of Bureau Veritas' 2020 initiatives will involve hydrogen for the storage of renewable energy, the generation of heat or geochemical energy, or industrial applications. To do so, Bureau Veritas joined the Waterstof Industrie Cluster association. This association is a collaborative partnership between businesses, knowledge institutions, governments, and authorities.

In 2020, these groups will collaborate on hydrogen-based projects, such as the use of hydrogen as a storage medium for renewable energy, or its use in zero-emission mobility, geochemistry, or industrial applications.


4. SGS

Top Geochemical Services CompaniesIn the Balkhash Industrial Zone, SGS established a brand-new hybrid commercial-field geochemistry laboratory. 2020 witnessed the company's largest Caspian Sea facility, a new laboratory that was constructed in accordance with contemporary industry norms and the highest SGS requirements in terms of quality, workers, and environmental safety.


5. ALS

Top Geochemical Services CompaniesThe main offerings of ALS are core sawing, core sampling, core processing, and warehouse management, safe and practical logging facilities, and core photography. As needed, they can be mixed and matched in the ALS facility or on the project site.

The ALS Geochemistry Client Services Team can now assist with LOI determinations, according to information provided by ALS in 2020. A rock's overall geochemical determinations must include LOI. It may offer useful details for various applications when interpreting geological materials.


6. Saudi Aramco

Top Geochemical Services CompaniesSaudi Aramco, formally known as Saudi Arabian Oil Business, is a publicly-traded oil and gas company in Saudi Arabia with headquarters in Dhahran. It ranked among the top firms in the world in terms of revenue in 2020.

The most significant foreign geological survey project in China was completed in 2020 worth 375 million yuan (about USD 56 million). It was a geochemical exploration contract the China Geological Survey inked with Saudi Aramco, according to CCTV News.


7. Intertek

Top Geochemical Services CompaniesIn several global industries, Intertek provides quality assurance services. Through its cutting-edge facilities and a global network of experts in its field, it provides customers with unique and specialized assurance, testing, inspection, and certification services.

A brand-new cutting-edge laboratory operated by Intertek was opened in Perth in 2021 as the Global Minerals Center of Excellence. The laboratory will assist customers in the mining and oil & gas sectors, enabling them to get trustworthy expertise in mineral testing, oil & gas testing, and inspection.


8. Nexus Gold Corp

Top Geochemical Services CompaniesNexus Gold Corp develops and explores for gold. It now has 11 exploration projects in operation in Canada and West Africa.

The 98-square kilometer Dakouli 2 gold project, which is 100% owned by Nexus Gold Corp. and is situated in the Goron Greenstone area in northern Burkina Faso, West Africa, released its geochemical results in 2019. To test 100 targets, the business conducted a termite mound sampling plan that spanned about 2,500 meters to the west and 350 meters to the south from the northeast corner of the Dakouli 2 exploration license.


9. FLSmidth Analytical Laboratory

Top Geochemical Services CompaniesTo assist mineral testing and research center capabilities, the FLSmidth Analytical Laboratory offers top-notch geochemical services analysis. To achieve prompt, accurate, and precise findings, the ideal procedure is integrated with cutting-edge analytical tools.

According to a deal negotiated between FLSmidth and ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions AG, FLSmidth will purchase ThyssenKrupp's geochemical/mining division for a total of 325 million euros or roughly 2.4 billion Danish kroner. The deal is anticipated to close in the second half of 2022.


10. Chinook Consulting

Top Geochemical Services CompaniesOil and gas operators in Canada, the U.S., and other markets use Chinook Consulting's well geological supervision, lithofacies analysis, reservoir appraisal, remote geo-steering, oil sands core supervision, operational geology, geochemistry, engineering services, and others.

A total of 1,525 geoscientists took part in the company's virtual geo conference in 2020. E&P corporations made up the majority of participants (39%) followed by independent consultants and service suppliers (14 channels). Geologists made up the majority of the attendees, followed by geophysicists and engineers. The summit was attended by delegations from more than 25 nations.

Geochemical Services: A Boon to Mankind

The exploration of natural resources like oil, natural gas, and minerals is greatly aided by the comprehensive knowledge of geology and chemistry held by geochemists. Additionally, by utilizing their knowledge, these experts can improve water quality and decrease pollution. These factors certainly prove geochemical services a boon to mankind.

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