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Top Companies Accelerating Shift Sustainability Towards Drive Green Packaging Industry Forward

September 13, 2023 | Packaging

The packaging sector’s increasing sustainability efforts and green packaging go hand in hand. Over the years, the need for smarter, greener packaging solutions has surged, as norms grow tighter and packaging companies shift away from traditional plastics.

According to Fortune Business Insights™, the global market for green packaging could be worth USD 385.34 billion by 2028, recording a CAGR of 5.3% during 2021-2028. The market stood at USD 258.35 billion in 2020 and reached USD 267.83 billion in 2021.

Green packaging has a lower carbon footprint than synthetic packaging that is typically used, which enhances environmental and human sustainability over time. It necessitates methods for minimizing the waste and pollution generated during the production process. Growing public awareness of environmental protection and sustainable living is one of the major market drivers. This, coupled with stringent government regulations for environmental sustainability, drives market growth.

Top Green Packaging Companies

Fortune Business Insights™ Presents The Top 10 Green Packaging Companies Worldwide 

1. Amcor plc

AmcorTop Green Packaging Companies plc manufactures and commercializes flexible packaging and customized folding cartons. The business operates in 40 different nations and has more than 230 manufacturing facilities across the world. The company focuses primarily on producing lightweight, reusable, and prepared with recycled content packaging.

May 2021: Amcor introduced its first container for chocolate powder in Latin America, which is intended to be recycled. When using the new method, the package's water usage and carbon footprint are both cut by 84% and 53%, respectively.


2. Mondi Group

The MoTop Green Packaging Companiesndi Group is a leader in the paper and packaging industries on a global scale. It is integrated throughout the whole value chain, from managing forests to producing paper, pulp, and films to creating efficient industrial and consumer packaging solutions.

June 2022: Using "Grow&Go," Mondi will be able to safely, effectively, and conveniently protect fresh produce as it travels from the farm to the shelf to consumers’ homes.


3. Ball Corporation

Ball CoTop Green Packaging Companiesmpany is among the major manufacturers of inventive, environmentally friendly aluminum packaging for domestic, personal care, and beverages. It is most known for producing glass jars, lids, and related items in the early days that were used for home canning.

June 2022: Ball Corporation launched a highly sustainable aluminum aerosol can. Compared to a typical can, it generates only half the carbon emission.


4. Ardagh Group SA

The ArTop Green Packaging Companiesdagh Group, a manufacturer of metal and glass products with headquarters in Luxembourg, has become one of the largest metal and glass packaging businesses in the world over the past 20 years.

March 2021: A new 16oz glass bottle for Bragg Living Food Products' line of apple cider vinegar beverages was introduced thanks to a partnership between Ardagh Group, Glass - North America, a commercial unit of Ardagh Group, and the company.


5. DS Smith

Top Green Packaging Companies

DS Smith is a leading provider of environmentally friendly paper goods, packaging solutions, and recycling services. The company has recently grown quickly and acquired businesses in North America and Europe. One of the largest corporations listed on the London Stock Exchange is the outcome of this growth.

May 2022: DS Smith, in alliance with Spadel, introduced a new 5-liter package that was creatively created to guarantee functionality and sustainability. The water's shelf life is increased while a 65% reduction in plastic is possible because of its effective material utilization.


6. Be Green Packaging

Top Green Packaging Companies

Be Green Packaging is a market pioneer and inventor in the design, production, and distribution of compostable, non-GMO, and tree-free packaging for the consumer and food packaging sectors. The business works to maintain a strong product basis in light of its dedication to successful sustainability.

August 2018: Be Green Packaging unveiled its alternative molded fiber packaging that sets CPG items apart. Using this technology, it produced specialized packaging options using a combination of natural, renewable fibers.


7. Sealed Air Corporation

Sealed ATop Green Packaging Companiesir Corporation produces results that provide exceptional value for its clients. The business collaborated with clients to find creative solutions to pressing packaging problems that leave our environment, communities, and globe significantly better than when we found it.

July 2022: A new paper bubble mailer under the BUBBLE WRAP® trademark was introduced by Sealed Air. It is a padded envelope made of fibers that is simple to recycle in curbside bins.


8. Evergreen Packaging

Top Green Packaging Companies

Evergreen Packaging, which is part of Pactiv Evergreen, manufactures smart packaging solutions for the environment. Many of the company's products, like the PlantCarton chilled beverage packaging, are created from paper and paperboard that comes from trees. The largest producer and distributor of food service, fresh beverage cartons, and food merchandising goods in North America is Pactiv Evergreen.

November 2018: To promote its sustainable and plant-based carton products, Evergreen Packaging, a leader in plant-based packaging solutions, announced the launch of the PlantCarton brand.


9. Nampak

NampaTop Green Packaging Companiesk is Africa's top diversified packaging producer that has been traded on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE Limited) since 1969. The organization takes part in large collecting and recycling programs and continues to devote a lot of effort and money to creating environmentally friendly products.

December 2021: Nampak switched to recyclable and sustainable aluminum for its clients' water products, making it the most recent business to alter its business model in response to investor and consumer pressure for environmentally friendly commercial practices.


10. Tetra Pak

Top Green Packaging Companies

Tetra Pak is an expert in comprehensive solutions for food product production, packaging, and distribution. Tetra Pak processing and packaging lines can process or package dairy goods, juices and nectars, ice cream, cheese, dry foods, fruits, vegetables, and pet food.

April 2022: Tetra Pak collaborated with top beverage companies to launch the first tethered lids on carton containers.

Here’s Why the Green Packaging Industry Will Boom in Coming Years

Food packaging, medical supplies, and shipping for online retailers will all see sharp increases in demand. The need for industrial, luxury, and some B2B transport packaging may decline at the same time. The impact on packaging players will depend on their exposure to various markets, packaging end uses, and substrates as well as their portfolios.

Green packaging, also known as sustainable packaging, uses less energy and has a smaller negative impact on the environment. The alternatives to items like plastic and Styrofoam use recyclable and biodegradable components. Moreover, it uses less energy and emits fewer greenhouse gases.

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