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Omnichannel Communication Solutions to Foster the Top Contact Center Software Providers in 2022

March 10, 2022 | Information & Technology

A contact center software helps improve efficiency and effectivity in contact centers by reporting key metrics and specifically facilitating interaction between contact center agents and customers. Using contact center solutions, businesses can direct incoming client calls to agents. Managers can save time using this redirecting process since coding routing algorithms typically take several hours. Furthermore, artificial intelligence technology assists organizations in predicting the best accessible group to efficiently cater to the client's communication history and profile as well as place a call to the appropriate agent. According to Fortune Business InsightsTM, the global market for contact center software is projected to hit USD 60.35 billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 14.3% during the forecast period.

Contact center solutions with a deployment model provide enterprises with strong contact center administration features as well as ownership of their customer data. The on-premises deployment strategy also aids in the management of risks, business processes, and internal policies inside an organization. It also allows for the adherence to external compliance standards if and when they arise. The increasing integration of artificial intelligence is likely to bolster the demand for this software in the forthcoming years.

Top Players for Contact Center Software around the globe

COVID-19 Impact: Top market players for contact center software adopt work from home policies to retain a positive customer experience

The COVID-19 pandemic is projected to stimulate demand for the software, which offers remote working capabilities. Cloud-based solutions are projected to provide various benefits as businesses and industries strive to preserve social distance and other characteristics. Companies are enthusiastically adopting such solutions and pushing work-from-home policies to retain a positive customer experience during this difficult period. During the crisis, the increased usage of online purchases and transactions will increase the need for cloud-based customer care solutions.

Fortune Business InsightsTM Identifies the Following as the Top 5 Contact Center Software Players Around the Globe:

1. Ameyo

Top Players for Contact Center Software around the globe

Ameyo is a prominent international company headquartered in Gurgaon, India that offers a cost-effective, CX-rich solution that is scalable, agent-friendly, and simple to use. Omni, fusion CX, voice, engage, emerge, and gather are some of its products. The platform offers contact center software that focuses on customer service challenges. End-users can manage their customer contacts with the platform, removing silos in operations and labor management. Advanced omnichannel client interaction, remote work readiness, contact center modernization, and other services are provided by the company's cloud software.

Screen pop, toolbar integration, and two-way synchronization of information are all elements of this software that assist the operator in retrieving user information and handling conversations with a better customer experience. The company's browser-based contact center facilitates real-time peer-to-peer conversations by providing noise suppression and encrypted connections for further protection. Ameyo's provides a 360-degree view of all devices, remote systems, and surroundings, which aids in the resolution of IT infrastructure issues. The company has around 2,000 global customers and works in over 60 countries.

In August 2020, agent productivity reports and dashboards, an intelligent network monitoring system, color-coded lead lists bifurcation, and other new features in contact center administration were launched by Ameyo. This functionality contributes to a more efficient working environment for agents.

2. Genesys

Top Players for Contact Center Software around the globe

Genesys is a global leader in the provision of contact center software solutions. It is headquartered in California, U.S. It delivers solutions for retail, banking, government, BPO, and other industries. It assists businesses of all sizes in creating excellent customer experiences. The outbound and incoming call routing, IVR to social media, self-service option, chat, email, messaging workforce optimization, and analytics are all included in the company's cloud-based software.

Additionally, the cloud contact center software is enabled with attack defense automation, security standards, AES-256 encryption, external penetration testing, and TLS. In 2020, sales earned USD 605,433 million in revenue for the corporation.

In April 2021, Genesys released cloud capabilities in India to give Indian businesses the flexibility, reliability, and scale they need to stay ahead of the competition.

3. Avaya, Inc.

Top Players for Contact Center Software around the globe

Avaya Inc. is a digital contact center solution provider that allows clients to create a customized portfolio of applications to improve customer interaction and generate more significant customer value. The company’s headquarter is situated in Carolina, U.S. In 2020, its sales generated USD 2,873.0 million. Furthermore, product and solutions services are its two primary business segments. The segments include contact center platforms, unified communication, application, and devices. Social media, video, chat, email, performance management, and third-party integration are some of the services that the company offers to increase customer service and productivity.

The company also integrates avant-garde technologies such as Big Data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, and mobility into contact center solutions. Avaya contact center software is a customer experience method that is collaborative, context-sensitive, and voice & multimedia equipped. Small & mid-sized businesses can use the software to drive, anticipate, and optimize client interactions.


In April 2021, Avaya, Inc. increased the availability of its OneCloudTMCCaaS contact center solution to 40 countries. This system provides digital capabilities to businesses across the world, allowing them to connect employees and consumers across all modes, devices, and touchpoints.


4. Dialpad, Inc.

Top Players for Contact Center Software around the globe

Dialpad, Inc. offers services such as sales, support, meetings, and mobility services. Voice intelligence, an app marketplace, trust and privacy along with CRM integrations, AI-coaching, and analytics are all available through Dialpad's contact center. More call data and user control tools are available through Dialpad's APIs and webhooks.

The company's software provides operators with personalized service at scale as well as real-time coaching and native connectivity with ticketing and help desk systems. Administration, messaging, call center productivity, voice intelligence, calling & routing, dependability & security, and other functions are included in Dialpad's software.


In July 2021, with the debut of Dialpad meetings for a unified view, the company offered Communication as a Service (CaaS) with a genuinely unified approach. For real Unified Communications as a Service (TruCaaS) experience, this service incorporated a dial-pad cloud communications platform.


In June 2021, Dialpad, Inc. began integrating its platform with Microsoft teams. Dialpad Microsoft team connectivity is provided at no additional cost in the Pro and Enterprise plans for Contact Center, Dialpad Talk, and Sell.


5. Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Top Players for Contact Center Software around the globe

Amazon Web Services Inc. headquartered in Carolina, U.S. offers API and cloud computing platforms to businesses, individuals, and governments on a gauged pay-as-you-go basis. Email, chat, web, messaging apps, phone, social media, SMS, traditional mail as well as other modalities are used by the company's software to deliver incoming and outbound consumer engagements. To record interaction and performance data, track client engagements, and resolve customer issues, contact centers employ several modern technologies. Internal departments run these contact centers, which are then outsourced to third-party suppliers. Improved customer experience, more efficiency, improved insights, and visibility were all added to the company's contact center software. Its technology efficiently and rapidly provides automatic route requests and appropriate solutions to client enquiries with real-time updates. Employees can work from any place, including branch offices, call centers, retail locations, and employees' homes using virtual software. In 2020, sales contributed to USD 386,064 million in revenue for the corporation. The corporation employs 1.3 million people worldwide.

Amazon Web Services, Inc. launched content center intelligence solutions in August 2020. The solution allows users to integrate artificial intelligence into contact centers easily.

Demand for Contact Center Software is Expected to be Accelerated by Omnichannel Communication Solutions During the Forecast Period

Over the projected period, the advent of omnichannel communication solutions for offering an effective customer experience is expected to fuel the market growth. For quick follow-up, these solutions keep communication cohesive and consistent across channels and touchpoints.

Furthermore, rather than forcing customers to repeat their questions over and over, agents can draw information from the customer's chat history or previous interactions. According to the Aberdeen Group study, organizations that use omnichannel customer engagement tactics retain 89% of their clients on average.

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