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Polyethylene and Polypropylene Market: A Case Study to Identify the Available Growth Opportunities

December 18, 2019 | Chemicals & Materials

Fortune Business Insights has conducted a case study on polyethylene and polypropylene market to help its client, a major manufacturer, in identifying potential growth opportunities. The study suggests various strategies for expanding the business. It further aids the client in understanding the appropriate investment areas within the electronics and medical segments. The study uses the following methodology:

  • Primary: Raw data is collected on a broad front from the key stakeholders, such as the sales manager, marketing manager, and administration staff. It is then persistently filtered so that only the highly authenticated sources are considered. Insights from the end-user respondents are utilized to create market models. These market models consist of information; namely, the amount of individual polymers used and the total number of end products produces.

  • Secondary: It mainly consists of studies published by government agencies, annual reports, press releases, and investor presentations. It helps the client in offering minute details, such as product, pricing, growth rate, revenue, and share. It also takes into account assesses the future growth of the client, keeping in mind the available technological infrastructure and production capacities.

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Research Objectives & Scope

The research objectives for polyethylene and polypropylene market included the below data points: Forecasting the industry growth for both sizing parameters Market sizing on volume and revenue parameters Analyzing the polyethylene and polypropylene demand in industries such as – packaging; automotive; infrastructure & construction; consumer goods/lifestyle; healthcare & pharmaceuticals; electrical & electronics; agriculture and others, with the objective of identifying expansion opportunities within the industry across niche countries Additionally, identifying key investment potential areas in automotive and electrical & electronics segments Future growth assessment of the client company keeping in mind the production capacities and technological infrastructure

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Research Methodology

The study was initiated by estimating the polyethylene and polypropylene demand in the respective end-use industries for regions within scope of the study. In addition, automotive, construction and electronics segments were further broken down in terms of sub-applications and mapped in the form of matrices in order to identify key potential areas, by capabilities.

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Research Outcome

The study aided the client to identify potential growth opportunities within different industries. Moreover, Fortune Business Insights suggested different strategies for business expansion. The study also addressed several prerequisites for the client to meet in order to penetrate in the European polyethylene and polypropylene market. The study also helped the client identify prospective investment areas within the medical and electronics segments for future business expansion based on the existing capabilities of the client company.

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