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Ageing – Pipeline Review, 2020

Region : Global | Report ID: FBI100897



Ageing is a natural process in which structural and functional changes accumulate in an organism over the period of time. According to the United Nations, the proportion of the aged population is increasing in almost every corner of the world. Additionally, as per estimates given by the United Nations, an estimated 962 million people across the globe were above 60 years which accounted for an estimated 13.0% of the global population in 2017. Though aging is a natural process, researchers and pharmaceutical companies are working in collaboration to develop drugs which will delay the process of aging as well as the effect of aging on the human body. 

At the present situation, there is no drug available to cure ageing. Pharmaceutical companies and academic & research institutes are prominently focusing on studying and developing new treatment options for the Ageing. For instance; Rapamycin, which is being studied by AgelessRx is currently in the phase-4 of the clinical trials to c