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Protective Face Mask Market Size, Share & COVID-19 Impact Analysis, By Type (Medical Face Mask {Surgical & Procedure, N-95 Respirators, and Others}, Respirator, and Others), By Usage (Disposable, and Reusable), and By End-Use (Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Mining, Construction, Manufacturing, and Others) and Regional Forecast, 2020-2027

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The global protective face mask market size was USD 1,222.37 million in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 3,590.40 million by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 7.1% during the forecast period.

A protective face mask is designed to protect the face of the wearer and to prevent inhalation of air contaminated with chemical and/or biological agents. Examples of such masks used to shield the wearer from airborne and liquid contaminants include the N95 respirators, surgical masks, and others. Increasing awareness regarding the health and safety of the employees working in different environments is expected to create opportunities in the global market. The unprecedented spread of the COVID-19 globally is likely to drive the demand for disposable face masks.


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Increasing Demand from Healthcare Industry to Boost the Market

The healthcare sector is witnessing rapid expansion worldwide. The current market conditions, driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, highlight the need for continued innovation in the healthcare sector. Frontline workers are at high risk as they are working in a high viral load environment. Increasing the importance of personnel safety at healthcare facilities along with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic is driving the product demand. The rising geriatric population base along with the growing pandemic situation has spiked the adoption of protective face masks in hospitals. These masks are worn to reduce exposure to hazards that can cause serious health issues. Manufacturers are focusing to increase the production capacities of face masks in many regions including Europe, North Americas, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East to support the escalating demand. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 89 million masks are needed per month to meet the surging demand for these face masks worldwide.

In its initial stages, the COVID-19 outbreak in China had created a huge demand for face masks for doctors and healthcare personnel that resulted in the disruption of the supply chain in other countries. The increasing demand for face protection, respiratory protection, and others in the healthcare industry is aimed at ensuring the safety of people and the healthcare workers during the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic, which is expected to boost the protective face mask market growth during the forecast period.


Growing Concerns Regarding the Spread of COVID-19 to Drive the Global Market

The COVID-19 pandemic is a defining global health crisis and has posed one of the greatest challenges of all time to human society. The virus has spread to every region since its appearance in China late last year. When an infected person sneezes or coughs, the virus spreads mainly through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose. The growing number of coronavirus cases in the U.S., Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, France, India, Brazil, Peru, Turkey, and other countries along with strict government regulations has led to a rise in demand for personal protective equipment (PPE). Countries are racing to slow the spread of the virus by testing and treating patients, tracing contacts, restricting travel, quarantining citizens, and canceling large gatherings such as sporting events, concerts, and schools. Many countries have gone into lockdown, placing restrictions on people's movement and suspending international travel to curb the spread of the virus and prevent community transmission. Some necessary measures have been prescribed by the WHO such as covering nose & mouth, washing hands, and others. Besides, the WHO and the Centres for Disease Control (CDC) have also prescribed the use of masks to prevent the spread.

The concerns regarding the spread of COVID-19 are expected to boost the demand for face masks in the immediate future. The surge in the demand for these face masks has led to product shortage. In some of the countries, the governments have made it compulsory to wear a face mask to decrease the virus spread. The WHO has prescribed the use of the N95 respirators as it is more effective in controlling the spread. N95 respirators have the highest degree of COVID-19 infection protection followed by surgical grade masks. COVID-19 pandemic promotes an immense rise in demand for medical face masks from both general and medical professionals as these masks are effective in filtering contaminants from the air.

Growing Demand for N-95 Respirators to Drive the Market

Transmission of an airborne infectious agent refers to the transmission of disease caused by the spread of droplet nuclei which remain infectious while suspended in the air for long distances and time. Precautions that establish a barrier & procedure, which minimizes or removes the microbe in the atmosphere or on personal possessions, form the basis for interrupting the transmission of disease through direct contact.

The spread of airborne diseases such as seasonal influenza annually kills 200 to 500 thousand people. Influenza A (H1N1) has caused 17,000 deaths worldwide, many of which were healthy adults. Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) killed more than 700 people in 2002 - 2003 and spread to 37 countries, costing Asia Pacific US$ 18 billion. Pandemics such as the Spanish flu that killed around 50 to 100 million people and now the COVID-19 emergence worldwide has forced people to use face masks. While some with COVID-19 have a mild fever, others may experience breathing difficulty, pneumonia, and even respiratory failure.

Older people and those with underlying health conditions are at the greatest risk. A person can catch COVID-19 from another person if they have been in contact with the infected person and especially if that person had not covered their face while coughing or sneezing. Small droplets from the mouth or nose that disperse when a person with COVID-19 coughs or exhales will spread the disease from person to person. Such droplets land around the person on objects and surfaces.

To prevent the spread of the COVID-19, it is prescribed to cover the mouth & nose. N-95 respirators are frequently referred to as medical respirators, healthcare respirators, or surgical N95. The N95 respirators are considered the best masks for controlling the spread of the coronavirus. In addition to sprays, splashes, and large droplets containing bacteria & viruses, this respirator can also flush out 95% of very small particles. In general, the respirator itself is circular or oval and is designed to form a close seal on your face.


Fluctuating Prices of Protective Face Masks to Hinder Market Growth

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused a high fluctuation in the prices of protective face masks. In some regions the prices of basic PPE products such as masks and gloves have seen a price hike of more than 50%, which has made the products unaffordable to low-income classes. The quality of face masks has not changed that much, but the process of getting them from the factory into the hands or at hospitals or nursing homes has been difficult owing to hindrances to distribution such as being held up at customs, rerouted, or higher freight charges. China is the major producer of face masks, with countries being highly dependent on China for these products. As China is the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, all the export from the country has been restricted, which has led to a shortage of face masks in various countries. Also, a minor amount of products that have been exported are very expensive due to special packaging and other measures being taken for restricting the spread of coronavirus.


By Type Analysis

Medical Face Mask Segment to Account for Major Market Share

In terms of type, the market is segmented into a medical face mask, respirator, and others. The medical face mask segment is further divided into surgical & procedure, N-95 respirators, and others. The medical face mask segment constituted the key share of the global market and is expected to expand at a rapid pace during the forecast period. Surgical face masks are made of non-woven fabric that offers greater bacterial filtration and air permeability while being less slippery than tissue. Surgical masks are produced from natural fibers, including cotton or linen or synthetic materials. These are made of various materials, including a hydrophobic outer layer, a middle filtering layer, and an inner hydrophilic layer, to trap moisture and fluid. These are used as a shield to prevent microorganisms from cross-contamination and are also used during surgical procedures.

Currently, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the N95 mask is used as one of the protective equipment in the healthcare industry, mainly by doctors and hospital staff. This is used to shield the wearer from airborne contaminants and facial contamination by oil. It is designed to achieve very near facial fit and very effective airborne particle filtration. The 'N95' means that the respirator blocks at least 95% of very small particles, measuring 0.3-microns. The breathable edges are built to create a seal around the mouth and nose.

By Usage Analysis

Disposable Face Mask May Augment Demand for Protective Face Masks

On the basis of usage, the market is segmented into disposable and reusable. The disposable face mask dominated the market and may continue its dominance in the protective face mask market share over the forecast timeframe. Worldwide, most notably in Europe and North America, the unprecedented spread of coronavirus is boosting demand for disposable face masks. Available face coverings are used extensively in the healthcare sector. They are used to eliminate or reduce the chances of being infected by environmental contaminants. Increasing demand for disposable face masks is also auguring well for the e-commerce industry, which is playing a key role in the distribution channel and sales of protective medical equipment.

By End-Use Analysis

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Healthcare Segment to Constitute for Significant Market Share

In terms of end-use, the market is segmented into healthcare, oil & gas, mining, construction, manufacturing, and others. The healthcare segment accounted for the major share of the global market. Due to the recent coronavirus pandemic, hospitals and clinics are already operating to their full capacity. Therefore, as part of their human resource planning, they are concentrating primarily on their workplace health through extensive usage of face masks.

Industries are also expected to make a major contribution to the development of face shields. With lockdowns being lifted in certain parts of the globe, governments are making concerted efforts to control the spread of the coronavirus and issuing advisories, in which use of face masks in emphasized. Consequently, with industries returning to normal production and operation, demand for this segment is expected to rise as well.


North America Protective Face Mask Market Size, 2019 (USD Million)

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The market size in North America stood at USD 471.10 million in 2019. U.S. is the major consumer of protective face masks owing to the rising number of COVID-19 cases, backed by a growing awareness of health and personal hygiene. On account of the pandemic, various governments are expected to contribute to the demand for these protective masks in North America, thus propelling the regional market.

In Europe, most of the countries have been heavily affected by the pandemic. The Asia Pacific is expected to expand its hold on the protective face mask market at a rapid pace due to the adoption of these masks in highly populated countries such as China and India. Furthermore, Asia Pacific is one of the leading suppliers of hospital equipment such as face masks, which is likely to create opportunities for the regional market. Manufacturers operating in the Asia Pacific region benefit from a large client base, most notably in China and India. China and India also rank among the world's most important manufacturing countries for face masks.


Key Players Blending Strategies to Maintain Their Dominance in the Market

Key market players are engaged in research & development activities in order to enhance their product offerings. Additionally, the companies are also engaging in strategic partnerships to improve the company's R&D efforts. Innovation, growth, and recognition are expected to play an important role in the development of face masks to meet their global demand and consumption in the years to come. These businesses put great emphasis on increasing the area of service to raise their market share and boost the company's revenues. Companies are dedicated to introducing new goods to suit the growing trends in consumer preferences.


  • 3M (U.S)

  • DuPont (U.S.)

  • Honeywell International Inc. (U.S.)

  • Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc. (U.S.)

  • Alpha Pro Tech (Canada)

  • Moldex-Metric (Germany)

  • Eclipse Automation Inc. (U.S.)

  • Cardinal Health (U.S.)

  • Medicom (Canada)

  • ANSELL LTD (Australia)

  • Other Key Players


  • In July 2020, Hanes has launched reusable, washable, and pleasant 3-ply all-cotton nonmedical face masks for customers. More than 450 million all-cotton cloth face covers and more than 20 million medical gowns have been sent to the US government for use during the COVID-19 epidemic, according to HanesBrands. Under its Hanes and Champion brands, the business has also produced a variety of all-cotton, nylon, and polyester mix face masks for consumers, which are accessible online, in prominent retail locations, and in corporate outlet stores.

  • In June 2020, UNIQLO, a global fashion retailer, announced that the AIRism mask will be available in all UNIQLO shops in Japan, as well as online. The firm created the face mask in response to consumer requests for a reusable, pleasant item that protects against COVID-19 on a daily basis. The mask symbolizes UNIQLO's mission to make everyone's life better with LifeWear, utilizing its unique technology to blend performance and comfort in washable and year-round goods.

  • In April 2020, Honeywell announced that it is expanding its production capabilities in Phoenix to help the US government's response to the new coronavirus (COVID-19). Honeywell's expansion in Phoenix, along with previously announced additional manufacturing in Rhode Island, would allow the firm to create more than 20 million N95 disposable masks each month in the U.S. to battle COVID-19.

  • In March 2020, BYD has announced the establishment of the world's largest factory for mass-produced face masks. The facility is currently operating at full capacity, producing 5 million masks and 300,000 disinfection bottles each day. As a result, the company will be able to assist in alleviating acute shortages that have been affecting hospitals and agencies across China as a result of the global COVID-19 epidemic. The newly-built manufacturing lines in one of BYD's industrial parks in Shenzhen began producing these crucial supplies, with hundreds of employees working day and night shifts and equipment running 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


An Infographic Representation of Protective Face Mask Market

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The protective face mask market research report provides a detailed analysis of the market and focuses on key aspects such as leading companies, material types, and leading application industries of the product. Besides this, the report offers market insights into the industry trends and highlights key industry developments. In addition to the aforementioned factors, the report encompasses several factors that have contributed to the significant growth of the market over recent years.

Report Scope & Segmentation



Study Period


Base Year


Forecast Period


Historical Period



  Value (USD Million)


By Type

  • Medical Face Mask

    • Surgical & Procedure

    • N-95 Respirators

    • Others

  • Respirators

  • Others

By Usage

  • Disposable

  • Reusable

By End-Use

  • Healthcare

  • Oil & Gas

  • Mining

  • Construction

  • Manufacturing

  • Others

By Geography

  • North America (U.S., and Canada)

  • Europe (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Russia & CIS, and Rest of Europe)

  • Asia Pacific (China, India, Japan, ASEAN, and Rest of Asia Pacific)

  • Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Rest of Latin America)

  • The Middle East & Africa (South Africa, GCC, and Rest of the Middle East & Africa)


Frequently Asked Questions

Fortune Business Insights says that the global protective face mask market size was USD 1,222.37 million in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 3,590.40 million by 2027.

In 2019, the market value stood at USD 1,222.37 million.

Growing at a CAGR of 7.1%, the market will exhibit steady growth in the forecast period (2020-2027).

The medical face mask segment is expected to be the leading segment in this market during the forecast period.

Growing concerns surrounding the spread of COVID-19 is driving the market.

North America held the highest market share in 2019.

Increasing demand from the healthcare industry is boosting the adoption of these protective masks.

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