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Aircraft Engine MRO Market Size, Share & COVID-19 Impact Analysis, By Platform (Commercial and Civil Aircraft (Narrow Body, Wide Body, Regional Aircraft, Business Jet, Trainers and Turboprops, and Commercial Helicopters) and Military Aircraft (Multirole and Combat, Military Transport Aircraft, Military Trainers, and Military Helicopters), By Component (Compressor, Combustor, Nozzle, Fan Blades, Sensors, Actuators, and Others), By Engine Type (Piston Engine and Turbo Engine (Turbo Shaft, Turbo Prop, Turbo Fan, and Turbo Jet), and Regional Forecast, 2023 – 2030

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The global aircraft engine MRO market size was valued at USD 37.56 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow from USD 42.81 billion in 2023 to USD 59.01 billion by 2030, exhibiting a CAGR of 4.69% during the forecast period.


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Aircraft engine MRO, which stands for Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul of the engine of an aircraft, is a global practice done to maintain the airworthiness of an aircraft’s engine. Due to long flight hours, certain wear and tear of the aircraft engine is inevitable. To maintain and repair the damages, maintenance, repair and overhaul are done at specialized institutions and locations around the world to maintain the airworthiness of the aircraft flying across the globe.

The market is predicted to gain traction over the forecast period owing to growth in air travel and passenger traffic and expansion in the global aircraft fleet that subsequently led to a rise in global aircraft deliveries. Furthermore, growing regulations regarding the reduction of aerospace-related carbon footprints are adding to market growth.


COVID-19 Pandemic Led to a Dramatic Impact on the Aviation Industry, Therefore Delaying Aircraft Deliveries

The pandemic began in 2020 as all airport and aviation-related operations were halted to prevent the spread of the virus. This, in turn, led to the grounding of numerous aircraft and subsequently led to a decline in the demand for maintenance, repair and overhaul of aircraft in the market. A plummeting demand and deferred maintenance also led to a decrease in demand due to stagnant aerospace operations.

Additionally, the aviation industry was affected by major market concerns regarding human resources. As per a report by IATA, over a million people working in the aviation and MRO industry lost their jobs during the pandemic. However, as the number of COVID-19 cases decreased, operations have resumed, leading to positive growth over the forecast period.

Aircraft Engine MRO Market Trends

Implementation of Predictive Analytics to Boost Market Growth

One of the most prominent trends in the market is the use of predictive analytics to collect and analyze data from multiple sources and sensors to prevent potential failures, reduce downtime, and optimize performance. Predictive analytics helps you identify problems before they become critical, plan maintenance based on actual needs rather than fixed intervals, and tailor solutions to specific engines and conditions. Predictive analytics also improves security, reliability, and customer satisfaction by reducing the risk of unexpected interruptions and delays.

For instance,

  • In February 2022, ST Engineering partnered with GE Aviation to implement a test cell advisor for the company’s overhaul shops in China and Singapore. The two conglomerates are expected to hold a multi-year contract to implement the data analytics.

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Aircraft Engine MRO Market Growth Opportunities

Initiation of Additive Manufacturing and Sustainable Practices to Boost Market Growth

Additive manufacturing or 3D printing is a process of printing 3D objects that has been the most prominent technology induced in the aviation industry for the manufacturing of various parts. An aircraft comprises over 5 million parts that combine to become an aircraft. From a small-sized fastener to an enormous engine, aircraft parts combine to form a huge market for aftermarket parts. 3D printing is an additive-manufacturing process where engine components, such as metals, alloys and even carbon fiber are used to layer and form a physical object using a digital design. As more airlines focus on adding seats and expanding passenger space, 3D printing offers a way to simplify parts and reduce the size of panels, overhead bins, and seat components. Additionally, certain 3D printing technologies, such as SLS, DMSL/SLM, and binder jetting, are suitable for low-volume production at reasonable unit costs.

  • In November 2020, SatAir, a subsidiary of Airbus Services Company, provided one of their airline customers with a certified 3D-printed aircraft metal flying spare part. The part was a wingtip fence from an A320ceo aircraft that is no longer available from the original supplier. On a larger level, this work shows that 3D printing technology allows greater flexibility in part manufacturing while meeting the same high-quality standards guaranteed by EASA Form1 certification.

Growth in Aircraft Deliveries and Global Fleet Expansion Predicted to Boost Market Growth

There has been a recent surge in aircraft deliveries while airlines and operators expand their fleets to accumulate the growth in passenger traffic. Following the reduction in the number of COVID-19 cases, there has been an increase in passenger traffic. According to a report by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), passenger traffic grew to 28.4% in comparison to August of 2022 while restructuring global passenger traffic to 95.7% of pre-pandemic levels. Numerous airlines, such as Delta Airlines across the globe, have placed orders to major OEMs, such as Airbus and Boeing, to cater to the growth in passenger numbers. An increase in the number of aircraft is expected to boost the aircraft engine MRO market growth in the coming years.


Growing Cost and Regulations Regarding Airworthiness to Limit Market Growth

Despite the numerous trends and growing demand for aircraft engine MRO, a major limitation hinders market growth to a certain limit. The growing cost of engine MRO due to complications and hazardous situations in the maintenance and repair leads to an accentuated cost for repair. Additionally, aircraft engine maintenance is a time-consuming process since the maintenance is done in phases and assembling & disassembling have to be done at almost every step of the process, thereby making it costlier and time-consuming. Furthermore, in addition to the whole process, regulatory bodies around the world impose numerous restrictions and regulations regarding the airworthiness of engines, thereby hindering the overall demand for aircraft engine MRO.

Aircraft Engine MRO Market Segmentation Analysis

By Platform Analysis

Growing Aircraft Deliveries to Bolster Commercial and Civil Aircraft Segment Growth

Based on platform, the market is categorized into commercial and civil aircraft and military aircraft. The commercial and civil aircraft segment is further divided into narrow body, wide body, regional aircraft, business jet, trainers and turboprops, and commercial helicopters. The military aircraft segment is further divided into multirole and combat, military transport aircraft, military trainers, and military helicopters.

The commercial and civil aircraft segment is predicted to grow at the highest CAGR over the forecast period. The segment accounted for a majority of the market in 2022. The presence of major global aircraft MRO OEMs and growing aircraft deliveries are expected to be major reasons for the segment to sustain its position over the forecast period.

The military aircraft segment is anticipated to grow at a significant CAGR owing to a growth in government spending around the world. Economies around the world are heavily investing in military applications following the cross-border tensions rising around the world. In the forthcoming years, the segment is expected to grow due to growing cross-border tension among nations.

By Component Analysis

Presence of Major Actuators in Several Airplanes to Fuel Segment Growth

By component, the market is classified into compressor, combustor, nozzle, fan blades, sensors, actuators, and others.

The actuators segment accounted for the largest aircraft engine MRO market share in 2022 and is expected to grow with a high CAGR over the forecast period. High technological advancement and the presence of major actuators in the majority of airplanes are prominent reasons for the substantial market share.  Additionally, the integration of actuators in major new-generation aircraft is a major driver of growth of the segment in the market.

The sensors segment accounted for a significant market share in 2022 and is expected to grow at the highest CAGR. Growing adoption and technological advancements in creating better and highly functional sensors are expected to be major reasons for the highest growth of the segment in the market.

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By Engine Type Analysis

Increasing Applications and Aircraft Deliveries to Add to the Growth of Turbo Engine Segment  

Based on engine type, the marker is segmented into piston engine and turbo engine. The turbo engine is further divided into turbo shaft, turbo prop, turbo fan, and turbo jet.

The turbo engine segment accounted for the largest market share in 2022, owing to a number of aircraft deliveries and growing initiatives for advanced engine mechatronics to reduce carbon footprints. Additionally, airlines and operators are readily investing in the procurement of newer aircraft with turbo engines to reduce noise and save fuel.

The piston engine segment accounted for a significant market share, owing to their presence in traditional airplanes as well as in some major aircraft currently operable. The segment is expected to grow at a moderate CAGR in the forecast period.  


The global aircraft engine MRO market regions are segmented as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the rest of the world.

Asia Pacific Aircraft Engine MRO Market Size, 2022 (USD Billion)

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Asia Pacific was valued at USD 12.36 billion in 2022 and is expected to dominate the market by registering the highest CAGR during the forecast period due to the presence of top MROs and a budding aviation market. Market expansion is attributed to the rapid growth in the emergence of the aviation industry in the region. The availability of cheaper skilled labor and a budding aviation industry and airport infrastructure are expected to boost the overall market growth over the forecast period.  Additionally, the initiation and investment of major conglomerates and local players from around the world in the region are expected to boost market growth further.

  • For instance, in October 2023, B&H Worldwide Holdings, a U.K.-based IATA-certified aerospace logistics and MRO Company, introduced SmartTRAC for carbon tracking at the MRO Asia Pacific Conference held in Singapore.

Europe accounted for the second-highest market share in 2022. The region's large market share is due to the presence of major players and MRO service providers in the market. Players such as Lufthansa Technik and Aerfin Limited constitute a major global market rank. Therefore, the region is expected to gain momentum in the coming years.

North America is expected to grow at a significant rate in the market due to the presence of top OEMs and MROs. The region has a growing number of top aircraft engine MRO service providers, including Delta-Tech Ops and a well-established network of airlines and aircraft operators that makes it feasible for both.

The rest of the world consists of Latin America and the Middle East & Africa. These regions are expected to grow significantly due to growing economies and globalization. Aircraft engine MRO in the region is expected to flourish due to the entrance of global market players. This, in turn, is expected to boost market growth over the forecast period.

List of Key Aircraft Engine MRO Market Companies

Key Market Players Focused on Providing Advanced and Accurate Aircraft Engine MRO to Sustain in the Market

The market analysis is consolidated, with several global and regional players operating in this industry. Key players are competitive to co-exist with emerging and domestic service providers. Top aircraft engine MRO service providers in the industry are Lufthansa Technik (Germany), Rolls Royce plc (U.K.) and other companies listed in the ranking analysis. Lockheed Martin Corporation is expected to lead the market owing to its global presence. Other prominent players involved in the market include Safran Group (France) and GE Aerospace (U.S.). These market players are highly involved in new service launches, frequent partnerships, and acquisitions to sustain their market positions.



  • November 2023: SriLankan Airlines, a major airline from Sri Lanka, entered a contract with the global MRO service provider, MTU Maintenance. The contract is termed for five years and the maintenance of LEAP-1A engines.

  • November 2023: GE Aerospace, a global conglomerate, secured a contract with the U.S. Navy worth USD 48 million to modify and re-build aircraft engines for the navy. The contract was established with GE Aerospace’s subsidiary CFM International, which is a global engine supplier based in Ohio, U.S.

  • October 2023: Cebu Pacific, a Philippine-based low-cost carrier, entered into a partnership contract with Lufthansa Technik AG to provide engine maintenance services. As per the contract, Lufthansa Technik is expected to provide MRO Services for three CFM56-5B engines owned by the airline alongside Cyclean Engine wash and Aircraft Transition Services (ATS) for two A320ceo aircraft.

  • June 2023: Lufthansa Technik, a global MRO service provider, partnered with Japan-based airline StarFlyer to provide engine MRO services to the airline’s prominent aircraft. The partnership contract has been signed to provide engine MRO services to the airline’s Airbus A320Neo and A320ceo fleets.

  • October 2023: Safran and Turkish Technic have signed an agreement to provide MRO services of APU generators, engines harnesses and ventilation systems equipment. This agreement covers more than 500 Airbus A320 and A330.


An Infographic Representation of Aircraft Engine MRO Market

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The market research report provides detailed information on the market. It focuses on leading companies, service types, and leading applications. Besides this, the report offers insights into the market trends and competitive landscape and highlights key industry developments. In addition to the above factors, several factors have contributed to the sizing of the global market in recent years.




Study Period


Base Year


Estimated Year


Forecast Period


Historical Period


Growth Rate

CAGR of 4.69% from 2023 to 2030


Value (USD Billion)


By Platform

  • Commercial and Civil Aircraft

    • Narrow Body

    • Wide Body

    • Regional Aircraft

    • Business Jet

    • Trainers and Turboprops

    • Commercial Helicopters

  • Military Aircraft

    • Multirole and Combat

    • Military Transport Aircraft

    • Military Trainers

    • Military Helicopters

By Component

  • Compressor

  • Combustor

  • Nozzle

  • Fan Blades

  • Sensors

  • Actuators

  • Others

By Engine Type

  • Piston Engine

  • Turbo Engine

    • Turbo Shaft

    • Turbo Prop

    • Turbo Fan

    • Turbo Jet

By Country

  • North America (By Platform, Component, Engine Type, and Country)

    • U.S. (By Platform)

    • Canada (By Platform)

  • Europe (By Platform, Component, Engine Type, and Country)

    • U.K. (By Platform)

    • Germany (By Platform)

    • France (By Platform)

    • Italy (By Platform)

    • Spain (By Platform)

    • Rest of Europe (By Platform)

  • Asia Pacific (By Platform, Component, Engine Type, and Country)

    • China (By Platform)

    • India (By Platform)

    • Japan (By Platform)

    • Singapore (By Platform)

    • Rest of Asia Pacific (By Platform)

  • Rest of the World (By Platform, Component, Engine Type, and Country)

    • Latin America (By Platform)

    • Middle East & Africa (By Platform)

Frequently Asked Questions

Fortune Business Insights stated that the global market size was USD 37.56 billion in 2022 and is projected to reach USD 59.01 billion by 2030.

Registering a CAGR of 4.69%, the market will exhibit rapid growth during the forecast period (2023-2030).

The turbo engine segment leads and is expected to dominate the market during the forecast period.

Lufthansa Technik (Germany), Rolls Royce Plc (U.K.) and Safran Group (France) are the leading players in the global market.

In 2022, Asia Pacific topped the market in terms of share.

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