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HD Map for Autonomous Vehicle Market Size, Share & COVID-19 Impact Analysis, By Solution Type (Cloud-Based And Embedded), By Level of Automation (Semi-Autonomous and Fully Autonomous), By Vehicle Type (Passenger Vehicle and Commercial Vehicle), and Regional Forecasts, 2021-2028

Published On : February 16, 2022 | Format: PDF | Report ID: FBI105931



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The global HD map for autonomous vehicle market size was USD 1,199.1 million in 2020 and is projected to grow from USD 1,365.8 million in 2021 to USD 7,009.2 million in 2028 at a CAGR of 26.3% in 2021-2028. The global impact of COVID-19 has been unprecedented and staggering, with HD map for autonomous vehicle service providers witnessing a positive demand shock across all regions amid the pandemic. Based on our analysis, the market exhibited a declined growth of 31.47% in 2020 as compared to the average year-on-year growth during 2017-2019. The sudden rise in CAGR is attributable to this market’s demand and growth, returning to pre-pandemic levels once the pandemic is over.

The HD map is a semantic layer used to detect lane boundaries, road signals, crosswalks, traffic lights, and others to safely navigate autonomous cars. The high definition onboard maps in autonomous vehicles provide precise localization information about nearby infrastructure, roads, and environments. Moreover, these maps are specially designed & developed for self-driving vehicles with extremely high-resolution capability with centimeter-level accuracy. Further, it also provides virtual assistance and can be easily updated daily.

 Autonomous vehicles need to adhere to high safety standards as failure can impact human lives. Thus, several companies, including map-designed hardware/software product designers are coming together to develop this mapping technology, especially for driverless vehicles. The information is collected through highly precise sensors, Lidar, digital cameras, and other advanced technologies.

Delayed Product Demand Due to Effect of COVID-19 Pandemic

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has severely triggered many industries, including HD map designers. The pandemic has drastically changed consumers' behavior, which has impacted the adoption of autonomous vehicle technologies across the economy, including HD maps and their related hardware/software. The companies operating in HD map designing have been impacted from production to R&D due to the pandemic. Similar to the other business companies, autonomous vehicles & their related technology-based companies have been negatively affected, resulting in delays in product launches and setbacks to the pilot work, postponed testing & development activities. For instance, Google affiliated Sidewalk Lab’s proposed 12-acre smart project in Canada related to AV has been canceled due to economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic. Moreover, COVID-19 also affected a few HD maps operating players, including Momenta, Zenrin, and others as they are majorly dependent on OEMs activities. OEMs have delayed the development of these maps and related advanced technologies such as autonomous driving because investors scale back innovation funding to concentrate on day-to-day cash-management issues.

Furthermore, many countries, including Germany, survived the pandemic and the related economic tumult. However, after the first lockdown, production & sales quickly recovered, the projections are positive despite the negative effects of COVID-19. In addition, countries' governments have supported AV technologies has helped improve the current situation due to COVID-19. For instance, the Korean government, including ICT Board for regulatory sandboxes, has allowed the test operation of Goalies( autonomous patrol car ) to proceed and introduced a new system under Autonomous Vehicle Act, i.e., AV Pilot Zone” scheme. Furthermore, the AV technologies are expected to have prominent growth, creating a competitive advantage among key players in the industry.


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Use of 5G Technology To facilitate Market Developments

Several users have been actively using the internet daily for mapping/navigation applications in recent years. The recent rise in the business of shared mobility and taxis has propelled the demand for highly accurate mapping technology. The ride-sharing taxi companies also collaborate with autonomous vehicles manufacturers by considering mapping technology's future scope. For instance, Uber launched its ride-hailing services in around 30 cities to expand its business across the globe. The highest profit margin work on autonomous vehicle development, and their technology development companies are more focused on driverless private cars and taxi services. Several countries use AVs to increase popularity in shared mobility and ride services. For instance, Finland, Denmark, Chile, and other regional countries have experimented with trials of slow-moving driverless minibuses, autonomous vehicles for tourism in sensitive areas, and many others. In addition, enabling the faster connection between transport systems, the 5G network is offering new application solutions to the development of autonomous cars. This car needs regular data updates for navigation, including detailed road maps, the status of traffic congestion, and real time updates of environmental changes such as rain or black ice. 5G and its related advanced technology resolve such issues. In addition, according to the 5G Automotive Association (5GAA), this technology will offer even higher quality for many digital in-car services in the future. Thus, all these factors will directly propel the growth of HD mapping for the autonomous vehicles market in the near future.


Rising Companies Involvement/Funding and Growing Penetration of Autonomous Driving To Propel Market Development

High definition maps for autonomous vehicles are built by companies for three main objectives such as advanced navigation, automated driving, and driver assistance. Currently, key HD map-making players are stepping into creating advanced HD maps for autonomous vehicles. Major companies have recently seen raising funds for new advanced HD map technology. For instance, in august 2018, Auto X, a California-based startup company, raised around USD 43 million in funding into cameras for mapping, lane detection, sign recognition, traffic light identification, and many other tasks. Similarly, DeepMap- U.S-based high definition mapping technology for self-driving vehicles has in series funded a total of USD 450 million for the development. In addition, MapBox, Carmera, Civil Maps, mappers and Wayz.ai have raised USD 227.2 Million( in 2017), USD 20 million, USD 17 million, USD 9.2 million, and USD 80 million, respectively, in every aspect to develop HD map technology for the autonomous vehicles market. In addition, one of the prominent names in the industry “Google,” dominates in digital mapping technology and has already offered the solution of HD map. It also opted for partnerships with Avis, Lyft, and Fiat-Chrysler to establish the HD map for autonomous vehicle market growth.

Furthermore, many OEMs also collaborated with technology companies to race ahead of each other. For instance, German companies Audi, BMW, and Daimler share their sensor data through cloud-based services provided by HERE Technologies. Additionally, GM and VW have opted to lean more on third-party services of Mobileye to have their maps off the ground. All such growing strategies and the rising trials, development, and adoption of autonomous vehicles in developed countries are propelling the HD map for autonomous vehicle market share.


High Cost Associated With Technology Building, Data Processing, Use Of Components May Restrain Growth

The HD map building is a complex task that includes various aspects such as sourcing data, collating data to make a map, integration of advanced tool/technology platforms such as AI, Machine Learning, and others. These aspects  enable live road data & ongoing maintenance. The overall cost incurred for manual verification & the requirement of fresh maps sourcing leads to higher production costs. The high cost of building vehicles also significantly impacts project costs. Moreover, it isn't easy to produce error-free maps due to the high complexity of roads and environmental conditions. In addition, generating automation maps with manual verification based on local expertise has become a tedious task. Also, most new entrants make commercial maps of satellite imaginary & vehicle sensor datasets, which is insufficient for building highly precise HD maps. In addition, these maps rely on compiling information from the component used, such as cameras, sensors, GPS devices, high communication networks, Lidar, and many others. The use of such higher-cost components leads to ensuring the high system cost. Thus, high cost and lack of existing standardization are hampering the growth of the market.


By Vehicle Type Analysis

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Development In Passenger Vehicle Segment to Dominate Market Share

Based on vehicle type, the market is segmented into passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles. The passenger vehicle segment holds the major share in the global market. Numerous developments have been carried out in the passenger car HD maps market. The companies operating in HD map for autonomous vehicles specialize in self-driving cars. Their main focus is to target passenger car mobility rather than commercial vehicles. Moreover, the companies of autonomous vehicles and technology providers are also actively expanding their business & strategies in particular passenger vehicle market segments; thus, this market segment will be a significant growth opportunity in the coming future.

Due to the complex structure and required data processing output, commercial vehicles currently contribute much less than passenger vehicles in HD map for the autonomous vehicle market. The technology is there for some self-driving trucks, but it takes a long haul to gain regulatory approvals, mainstream adoption, and profitability. Companies are operating in HD maps for self-driving trucks, including Embark and Plus, are working on Level 4 autonomous technology for Class 8 semi-trucks. Embark uses perception data fed into the company’s Vision-Map Fusion (VMF) system, created on an HD map using a digital camera, sensor & another component. Further, VMF enables the Embark Driver software to respond to new situations where the HD map may be outdated, such as in a construction zone with lane closures. In addition, the company has claimed that its system has driven more than one million real-world miles. Thus, ongoing developments in automation and the introduction of self-driving trucks & vans are expected to supplement the growth of commercial vehicle segment growth of this market.

By Solution Analysis

Cloud-Based Segment to Hold Largest Share Fueled by Ability to Provide Better Performance & Real-time Upgradation

Based on solution, the market is segmented into cloud-based and embedded. The cloud-based segment accounts for the major share in the global market. The cloud-based HP map technology saves time and provides precise output with fewer efforts and space. Moreover, major key players in the industry, including Navinfo, HERE, TomTom, NVIDIA, and many others prefer cloud-based solutions and consider the latest development and real-time services with less time capability. This solution is expected to lead in the future.

Embedded solutions for high precision maps are less contributor to the global market. Embedded design solution allows designers to control everything from colors, fonts to 3D features and camera angles and also embed proprietary data such as charging stations, dealerships, and parking spots. However, very few companies use this solution for HD maps; thus, it contributes less than the cloud-based solution.

By Level Of Automation Analysis

Semi-Autonomous Segment to Grow Rapidly by Innovation & Development from Operating Players

Based on the level of automation, the market is segmented into semi-autonomous and fully autonomous. Currently, the semi-autonomous segment holds the largest share in the global market. The current trend is moving toward automation with semi-autonomous cars as there is no supportive technology available for fully autonomous vehicles except a few countries. HERE Technologies and TomTom make maps for semi-autonomous level 2-3 vehicles that focus on new mobility experiences such as adaptive cruise control and lane-keep assistance features. In addition, major development and current on-road semi-autonomous vehicles presence in countries is propelling HD maps' growth for semi-autonomous vehicles.

The HD map for the fully autonomous vehicle market is in the introduction phase, and companies are strongly coming forward to gain momentum in this level 5 autonomy technologies. Infrastructural development, government support, and companies estimated launches in the coming few years are expected to lead to fully autonomous vehicles and their HD map in the forecast period.


North America HD Map For Autonomous Vehicle Market Size, 2020 (USD Million)

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The market size in North America stood at USD 480.2 million in 2020. Based on regional analysis, This region holds dominance in the global market and is also expected to show exponential growth in the coming years. The region has witnessed a shift in concern from crash mitigation, adoption of ADAS features, and others in the small vehicle type segment. The growing demand for such technology-equipped vehicles has forced many autonomous vehicle manufacturers to incorporate advanced mapping features to ease consumer perception and safety concerns. The fatalities caused by rod accidents have been a major area of concern for government and regulatory bodies in this region. The federal regulations for advanced mapping features are growing and could lead to high adoption in the coming years.

The constant development and adoption of new technology is a growth factor for the European region. Technical development in the sector for efficient enforcement of safety features and better driving quality has led to the growth of the HD map for autonomous vehicle market in this region. Rising disposable incomes, supportive government policies, and increased use of electronic components for advanced features and improving safety & driving experience in future vehicles are propelling the growth of the HD map-based autonomous vehicle market in the forecast period.

The presence of giant companies in the Asian HD map for the autonomous vehicle market and the rising autonomous sharing mobility business in the region are expected to lead the HD map maker. Moreover, continuous adoption of trending technologies and a faster pace toward automation leads to the market's growth and provides different opportunities for development in this region. The key player operating in the HD map market has focused on expanding their business portfolio in Asian countries due to strong economic conditions and continuous rising disposable income. Therefore, the Asia region is expected to dominate in the forecast period.

Economic development and developing industrial scenarios in the rest of world countries are positive growth factors for this market for autonomous vehicles. Furthermore, steady growth towards implementation of automation, the region’s move towards foreign investment, and customers' lifestyle changes. There is a rise in the development and implementation of automation, thereby boosting the market growth in the forecast period.


Acquisition From Leading Players Operating In The Business to Brightens its Market Prospects

Key players in the HD map for the autonomous vehicle market include TomTom, NVIDIA, HERE, Woven Planet Holding, and many others. The startup companies and leading companies are majorly focusing on expanding their production capabilities through acquisition strategy.

For instance, in July 2021, Toyota’s Woven Planet Holding, which focuses on advanced transportation technology, acquired HD mapping startup company “Carmera.” The company has followed a series of acquisitions as it has also acquired a Lyft unit of autonomous vehicles (Level 5) for USD 550 million.

Similarly, to grow in autonomous vehicle technology, the leading chipmaker company “NVIDIA” acquired the high definition HD mapping startup DeepMap. This acquisition will boost NVIDIA’s autonomous vehicle technology sector.


  • TomTom (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

  • HERE Technologies (Eindhoven, Netherlands)

  • Waymo (California, U.S.)

  • Civil Maps (San Francisco, U.S.)

  • Mapbox (California, U.S.)

  • Woven Planet Holding (Tokyo, Japan)

  • NVIDIA (California, U.S.)

  • Navinfo (Beijing, China)

  • The Sanborn Map Company Inc. (Colorado, U.S.)

  • Esri (California, U.S.)

  • Dynamic Map Platform  (Tokyo, Japan)


  • October 2020 –  Sanborn announced its second-generation HD map product for level 4 and 5 autonomous vehicles. This latest version, 2.0, has added super-elevation data and multiple options for representing signage. Moreover, this also provides precise datasets with high accuracy and enables safety capability.

  • January 2019- TomTom and leading automotive component manufacturing company “Denso” partnered to work on the software platform for autonomous vehicles. The companies will develop & design a completely autonomous driving system by combing TomTom's High Definition (HD) Map with DENSO in-vehicle sensors such as radar and digital cameras to power the localization, perception, and path planning functions of the system.

  • September 2021- Mercedes Benz deployed HERE Technologies HD live map for new drive pilot system. This level 3 automated driving system using a live HD map allows vehicles to provide detailed data about the three-dimensional road network with input from the vehicle sensors to map data.


An Infographic Representation of HD Map for Autonomous Vehicles Market

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The market research report provides a detailed market analysis. It focuses on key aspects such as leading companies, product types, and leading applications of the product. Besides this, it offers insights into the market trends and highlights key industry developments. In addition to the factors above, the report encompasses several factors that have contributed to the market's growth over recent years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fortune Business Insights says that the global market size was USD 1,199.1 million in 2020 and is estimated to be USD 7,009.2 million by 2028.

In 2020, the North America market value stood at USD 480.2 million.

The market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 26.3% in the forecast period (2021-2028).

The semi-autonomous segment is the leading segment in the market.

The key factors driving the global market are the increasing demand for vehicle rental services, increasing traffic congestion, and the use of advanced technologies in vehicles.

HERE Technologies, TomTom, NVIDIA, and Waymo are the major players in the global market.

North America dominated the market in terms of share in 2020.

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