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Tactile Switches Market Size, Share & Industry Analysis, By Type (Standard, Sealed), By Illumination (Illuminated, Non-illuminated), By Actuator Type (Square, Rectangular, Plunger, Round, Others), By Application (Automotive, Medical, Electronic Devices, Others), and Regional Forecast, 2024-2032

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The global tactile switches market size was valued at USD 6.85 billion in 2023. The market is projected to grow from USD 7.15 billion in 2024 to USD 11.21 billion by 2032, exhibiting a CAGR of 5.77% during the forecast period.

Switches are the foundation on which all electronic gadgets work. Comprising at least two conductive ways, they are intended to control a circuit. Whenever a switch is actuated, its circuit will open or close. All switches work by controlling a circuit and various kinds of switches, including tactile.

These switches are installed in an electrical circuit and are activated when force is applied to the device, giving the user a recognizable “click” or knock in response, allowing the current flow in the circuit. The current flow is discontinued when the pressure applied to the switch is released. A tactile switch is a momentary action device whose operation is recognizable by contact. This switch produces a physical sensation in response to its completed circuit. Models of such switches break the circuit and disrupt the flow of current when the switch is deactivated and reactivates when released. Therefore, such products are also in high demand in the market.

The COVID-19 pandemic affected every country in an odd situation. Financing new projects emerged as a major challenge as the nations observed significant economic downturns. Additionally, the revenues for the year ended December 31, 2020, compared to the same period of 2019 for the key players operating in the market, primarily resulted from decreased service and crew utilization. Accordingly, the electrical & electronics sector, which includes these types of switches, has been immediately affected by this global health problem outbreak. Delays in shipping raw materials, changes in customers' behavior, and increased cases of counterfeit tricking were some factors that impacted the electronics industry.

Tactile Switches Market Trends

Massive Investment in R&D Activities on Efficient Switch Technologies to Propel Market Growth

With the growing demand for responsive switches in the electronic industry, major manufacturers are investing in research and development activities related to the switches to reduce the size and enhance functionality. With the emergence of the 5G network in the smartphone industry, the demand for devices, such as smartwatches, smart glasses, and wearable audio gadgets, is expected to surge greatly. For example, in October 2020, Citizens Electronics Co. Ltd. launched a product line of tactile switches for smartphones and wearable devices, achieving the smallest thickness. The company announced that this surface-mounted tactile switch was developed to reduce the thickness and size of the switches and enhance gadgets’ functionality. The above factor and the acquisition of contracts from key players in the market are set to drive the market in the forecast period.

Emergence of Industrial Control Systems to Compliment Industry Outlook

Automation in industrial applications and processes has greatly boosted large-scale industry owners, increasing productivity and reducing human error. The development of modern control frameworks, such as PLC, SCADA, and IT control, has made automated data collection procedures more accurate and efficient. The automation of tactile switches and signaling devices have been primarily utilized as it provides feedback to the user, thus reducing the factor of human error. The flexibility these switches offer in control and functionality in machinery operations and the improvement in safe working surroundings is set to augment the market in the forecast period.

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Tactile Switches Market Growth Factors

Increased Demand for Consumer Electronics to Propel Market Growth

Consumer Electronics have become an integral part of modern life, with devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, and smartwatches being ubiquitous. As the demand for consumer electronics rises, manufacturers of these devices require a large quantity of tactile switches to integrate into their products. This increased volume of production drives up the overall demand for tactile switches in the market. Consumer electronics encompass a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles. Each of these devices requires tactile switches for various input controls, such as buttons, switches, and navigation pads. As new types of consumer electronics enter the market and existing devices evolve, the demand for tactile switches diversifies and expands. The rapid pace of innovation in consumer electronics leads to the introduction of new features and functionalities, which often require specialized tactile switches. The factors increase the demand for tactile switches rapidly.

Usage of Tactical Switches in Operations of Commercial Equipment and Industrial Machinery to Promote Market Growth

Rapidly increasing modernizing industrial infrastructure coupled with rising energy demand across the emerging economies will boost the adoption of these switches in industrial machinery globally. These switches with responsive feedback are used in operating devices and equipment units to set operating modes and conditions and to start and stop the operation. Information appliances and equipment include temperature controllers, air conditioning systems, inverter control panels, and measuring instruments and medical devices. An increase in the adoption of tactile switches in household appliances and office equipment has been witnessed during the analysis.

These switches are used in control panels of devices, such as printers and multifunction printers, to set operating modes and conditions and start and stop the operation. Sealed switches, which are water-resistant, are used in dishwashers and washing machines. These factors will likely drive the global market during the forecast period.


High Cost of these Switches Compared to Linear Switches to Impede Market Growth

A click response of a button is the most characteristic feature of a tactile switch that lets users feel the operation's response from a switch. A clicking feel is generated from the contact dome embedded in the switch. A typical tactile switch consists of a cover, a plunger, a contact dome, and a base. The length of operation strokes and sharpness of a click sense of touch depend on the materials and shapes of the contact dome. On the other hand, linear switches do not require a plunger or a contact dome, which reduces the manufacturing cost per piece of linear switches.

Additionally, linear switches provide a smooth and reliable circuit or machine equipment activation with no tactile feedback.  Also, in computer peripheral applications, such as keyboards, linear switches are mostly preferred by a user who demands smooth and consistent typing movements. The above factors may hinder the global market growth in the forecast period.

Tactile Switches Market Segmentation Analysis

By Type Analysis

Standard Segment to Dominate the Market Owing to its Wide Adoption in the Electronics Industry

By type, the market is segmented into standard and sealed. Due to several favorable factors, the standard segment amassed the largest revenue share in the global market in 2021.

Growing usage of standard switches in commercial and industrial machinery, various home electronic appliances, and increasing use in automotive infotainment systems and in-flight entertainment devices are some factors boosting the segment’s growth in the global market. These switches are small, low profile, and feature a life cycle up to 1000k, making them suitable for various general usage applications such as high-end consumer, IoT, and medical devices.

The sealed segment is also a key segment in the market due to its heavy utilization as sealed switches offer a double-sealed structure for high resistance to water and dust. Sealed tactile buttons are primarily utilized in the working environment of high temperatures or areas that deal with toxic gases such as nitric gas, sulfuric gas, and ammonia gas.

By Illumination Analysis

Non-illuminated Switches Segment is Preferred Owing to its Cost Effectiveness and Easy Handling

Based on Illumination, the global market is segmented into Illuminated and non-illuminated. Due to several favorable factors, the non-Illuminated switches segment held the largest revenue share worldwide in 2021.

Switches with Illumination are installed with red, green, or yellow LED lights, offering full-face and bright Illumination for attractive, functional panel layouts. The LED provides feedback when pressed for its operation. They are usually used in medical devices.

Non-illuminated switches occupy a significant portion of the market as they are cost-effective, easy to operate, and offer less design complexity. These switches are most commonly preferred where there is no need for LED feedback of tactile switches during their operation.

By Actuator Type Analysis

Round Segment to Dominate Backed by Growing Demand in Various Industries

Based on actuator type, the global market is segmented into square, rectangular, plunger, round, and others. According to our analysis, the round actuator type switches are the most utilized and registered the largest tactile switches market share in the global market in 2021.

An actuator is a component of an electrical switch used to control its mechanics. It is responsible for the closing and opening of a circuit. An actuator is a moving part of mechanical components that allows an electrical switch to function. Without it, a switch cannot open and close.

Due to its compact design, the round segment held the largest share in the global market in 2021. These switches occupy the least space on the circuit board or are mounted on a surface through PCB keyholes.

The plunger segment is one of the key segments in the global market. Plunger tactile switches operate with less physical force. When the actuator/plunger is pressed, it either opens or closes the electrical circuit, turning the power on or off. Each plunger switch contains a spring and a contact set that converts mechanical energy from an actuator into an electrical output.

By Application Analysis

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Electronic Devices Segment to Dominate Backed by its Tactile Feedback upon Pressing

Based on application, the global market is segmented into automotive, medical, electronic devices, and others. The electronic devices segment held the highest share in the market in terms of application. The electronic industry has witnessed a considerable surge in the adoption of switches as they offer tactile feedback upon pressing. The thriving consumer electronics industry, increasing demand for white goods (domestically used electronic goods such as washing machines, refrigerators, water heaters, ovens, and others.), and rising disposable incomes of consumers are some key factors leading to the robust growth of this segment.

Such switches are increasingly utilized in medical devices as they offer many actuator response cycles and tactile feedback. The switches used in medical devices are required to deliver millions of cycles, and their silicon actuators provide integration of many switches, providing switch travel depending on the force applied and hardness of the actuator.


Asia Pacific Tactile Switches Market Size, 2023 (USD Billion)

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The market has been analyzed geographically across five main regions, including Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East & Africa. The market in Asia Pacific is expected to register the fastest revenue growth rate worldwide over the forecast period. Extensive use of such switches due to several advantages, such as fewer errors, longer switch life, durable construction, robust resistance to moisture and contaminants, and increased user satisfaction, is one of the major factors driving the revenue growth in the Asia Pacific region.

The North American market held the second largest revenue share in 2021. Several factors, such as transitioning from hardware to software-enabled vehicles and increasing penetration of electronics into major application fields, including powertrain, safety management, body, and convenience or infotainment, are expected to create ample opportunities for major companies in the region.

The utilization of these switches in Europe is increasing in various industries such as automotive, energy and electricity, chemical & pharmaceutical, food processing, and metallurgy. Various trade exhibitions and fairs have also helped tactile switch companies expand their customer base and significantly contribute to the growth of the market. With the increasing market size of the electronics and automotive industry in the region, the adoption of switches is expected to rise as they are rigorously tested and feature a tight tolerance due to automated production. Other benefits of these switches include performance stability and durability, long life cycle, IP67 certification for select products, corrosion-resistant plating, and an array of orientations to adapt products to user needs.

List of Key Companies in Tactile Switches Market

Panasonic is Focusing on Acquiring New Contracts through its Subsidiaries to Fortify its Position across the Industry

The global market has observed many market players announcing a wide range of product launches & solutions to fortify their position. The industry has also witnessed steady involvement of key global and regional players and several small & medium-scale system integrators.

Major players include Panasonic, Omron, TE Connectivity, and C&K. The major companies constitute around half of the market, and the remaining market is dominated by many regional and local players for various end-use applications. In December 2020, Panasonic Corporation announced the launch of bulk production of Turquoise Stroke mini tactile switches to improve the safety of vehicles. With built-in resistors, these switches have compact and waterproof abilities and can detect wiring failure to improve safety.


  • Panasonic (Japan)

  • OMRON Corporation (Japan)

  • C&K (U.S.)

  • CTS Corporation (U.S.)

  • TE Connectivity (Switzerland)

  • ALPS ALPINE (Japan)


  • Marquardt Group (Germany)

  • Biwin Technologies Co., Ltd. (China)

  • Knitter Switch (Germany)

  • E-Switch, Inc. (U.S.)


  • February 2024 – Razer launched the BlackWidow V4 Pro TKL keyboard, which has orange tactile switches. The keyboard is quite compact for a ten-key-less design and offers features, such as  ABS stock caps with a double-shot design, along with N-key rollover and anti-ghosting features.

  • February 2022 – CTS Corporation finished procuring TEWA Temperature Sensors SP and its auxiliaries for an endeavor worth USD 24.5 billion. The organization fabricates sensors, actuators, and electronic parts in North America, Europe, and Asia and gives designed items to clients in the aviation/protection, modern, clinical, and transportation markets.

  • June 2022 – Cherry presented the new Axon 3 x 870 MX ultra-high-profile mechanical tactile switches, which have a position of safety plan of only 3,3 mm in level. The new MX Ultra Low Profile Tactile has 1,8 mm of key travel and simply 0,8 mm to the activation point. The producer takes note of the necessary incitation force for tactile feedback for the new switches at a low degree of 65 grams. The proclaimed asset of MX Ultra Low Profile Tactile is 50 million a tick.

  • September 2020– C&K announced the launch of illuminated switches that provide effortless tactile feedback and sound for prevalent user-friendly systems. The switch series known as D6 includes an incorporated LED, with reduced make-in cost. Subsequently, the D6 Series is utilized in various board applications, including machines, electronic games, modern, clinical, security, test gear, and more.

  • August 2019- CTS Corporation has announced the launch of two Series 228 Illuminated consideration switch models, 228D and 228E, to the 228 propriety switch family for use in different applications and businesses. Model 228D is planned with a metal cover for right point mounting, which robustness of product intensity.  Model 228E is planned with an IP67 seal for applications where dampness is common, and a wide working temperature of - 40°C to +85°C is required. The two models come norm with a LED variety show with a bi-variety choice, which is driven by exchanging activity.


The research reports offer a qualitative and quantitative in-depth industry analysis of the global market. It further details the adoption of tactile switch systems across several regions. The report provides a detailed competitive landscape by presenting information on key players and their strategies in the market. Information on market trends, drivers, opportunities, threats, and market restraints can further help stakeholders gain valuable insights into the market.

An Infographic Representation of Tactile Switches Market

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Report Scope & Segmentation



Study Period


Base Year


Estimated Year


Forecast Period


Historical Period


Growth Rate

CAGR of 5.77% from 2024 to 2032


Value (USD Billion)


By Type

  • Standard

  • Sealed

By Illumination

  • Illuminated

  • Non-illuminated

By Actuator Type

  • Square

  • Rectangular

  • Plunger

  • Round

  • Others

By Application

  • Automotive

  • Medical

  • Electronic Devices

  • Others

By Geography

  • North America (By Type, Illumination, Actuator Type, Application, Country)

    • U.S.

    • Canada

  • Europe (By Type, Illumination, Actuator Type, Application, Country)

    • U.K.

    • Germany

    • France

    • Italy

    • Spain

    • Russia

    • Rest of Europe

  • Asia Pacific (By Type, Illumination, Actuator Type, Application, Country)

    • China

    • India

    • Japan

    • Australia

    • Southeast Asia

    • Rest of Asia Pacific

  • Latin America (By Type, Illumination, Actuator Type, Application, Country)

    • Brazil

    • Mexico

    • Rest of Latin America

  • Middle East & Africa (By Type, Illumination, Actuator Type, Application, Country)

    • GCC

    • South Africa

    • Rest of Middle East & Africa

Frequently Asked Questions

A study by Fortune Business Insights states that the global market was USD 6.85 Billion in 2023.

In 2023, the region stood at USD 2.95 billion.

Registering a CAGR of 5.77%, the market is projected to exhibit staggering growth during the forecast period (2024-2032).

The standard segment under the type category is anticipated to hold the leading share in this market during the forecast period.

Increasing utilization of switches in vehicles produced worldwide and using tactile switches in commercial equipment and industrial machinery operations are some of the major factors driving the market growth.

Panasonic, Omron, TE Connectivity, and C&K are among the key players operating across the industry.

Asia Pacific dominated the market in terms of share in 2023.

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