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  • Top 5 Players in the enterprise Governance, Risk, and Compliance (eGRC) Industry, 2021

    eGRC empowers risk and compliance management teams to analyze and share data for a 360-degree view of the enterprise’s risk scenario. This in turn permits administrators and board members to articulate informed business approaches. The novel technology is noted to gain colossal impetus... Read More

    November 19, 2021 | Information & Technology
  • Top 5 Players in the Global Market of Natural Language Processing, 2021

    Natural Language Processing is a branch of artificial intelligence that manages the communication between computers and humans utilizing natural language. The definitive goal of NLP is to read, decrypt, comprehend, and make logic of the human languages in a format that is appreciated. Read More

    November 18, 2021 | Information & Technology
  • Top 10 Key Companies in the Global Well Cementing Industry by 2021

    Well cementing is one the most crucial operations performed in oil and gas drilling activities. It restricts the fluid movement from the groundwater reservoir to the borewell. It also provides a firm structure to the casing and prevents the casing from blowouts and corrosion. The process aids in ... Read More

    November 09, 2021 | Energy & Power
  • Top 4 Drivers Boosting Semiochemicals’ Production in the global market

    Semiochemicals are organic compounds found in insects to communicate and transmit messages about food sources, threats, and sense directions. It defines the behavior and physiology of the insects and is among the major components for their survival. These organic compounds are extracted with the ... Read More

    November 09, 2021 | Agriculture
  • Top 4 Features Driving the Adoption of Toilet Paper, 2021

    Toilet paper is an essential commodity used in our daily lives for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. They are made from fresh pulp or recycled paper and are disposable and easily degradable products. Over the years, the commodity has experienced innovation and up-gradation. They are now availa... Read More

    October 29, 2021 | Consumer Goods
  • Top 10 Leading Oil Country Tubular Goods Manufacturers in the World

    Oil Country Tubular Goods are applied onshore and offshore in oil and gas production. The abbreviation OCTG is frequently used in the business to designate these tubular goods. Each wellbore goes through several stages, each of which has its own range of difficulties. They are predominately made ... Read More

    October 20, 2021 | Energy & Power
  • Top 10 Cloud Gaming Companies in the Global Market, 2021

    In today’s world of technology and immense computing power, people look for security, easier access, and better experience; and cloud technology offers it all. All of the online streaming services such as gaming, music, and video are powered by the cloud. Cloud gaming allows you to ... Read More

    October 18, 2021 | Information & Technology
  • Top 10 Virtual Reality Technology Manufacturers, 2021

    Virtual Reality is a computer-generated setting with sights and articles that seem to be real, giving the user the experience that they are submerged in their environment. Currently, everybody is hopping on the trend of adopting emerging technologies and making the best use out of it. Read More

    October 14, 2021 | Information & Technology
  • Top 5 Automotive Battery Thermal Management System Players, 2021

    Automotive thermal management technologies are utilized for dropping thermal loads, relocating heat proficiently, and re-claiming waste heat. These purposes have resulted in advancements in fuel releases and traveler luxury. An automotive Thermal Management System (TMS) surveys and handles the fl... Read More

    October 12, 2021 | Automotive & Transportation
  • Top Drivers Bolstering the Demand for Learning Management System (LMS)

    The learning management system or LMS is considered to be an essential tool in the field of eLearning as all online training modules and courses are built upon it. It also reduces the risk of losing crucial data and makes the course development process easier. Besides, it can track the learner&rs... Read More

    September 03, 2021 | Information & Technology

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